Hundreds flock Kololo for annual Independence night prayers

Hundreds flock Kololo for annual Independence night prayers
Christians at Pr Bujingo’s annual independence night.

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Hundreds of Christians on Friday 29, September 2023 converged at Kololo Independence Grounds for the annual Independence night prayers. The prayers are organized by Pastor Aloysius Bujingo.

By 8:00 am, queues were stretching along Wampewo Avenue as hundreds paced to access the Grounds. Pr Bujingo holds Independence Night every year to usher Christians into the country’s Independence celebrations.

Pr Susan Semakula, who was found preaching to the congregation while braving the morning drizzles emphasized the need to trust God in order to deliver independence from suffering, loans, and the devil.

“Trust God you will not be disappointed. You need economic independence, you need deliverance from any evils. Pray for independence from financial woes. Those who trust God never live in regrets,” Pr Semakula said.

Christians were seen kneeling and crying to God for deliverance amidst the drizzles. The pavilion was filled to capacity while thousands of chairs were laid out waiting to be occupied by the anticipated large number of worshippers.

Pr Bujingo’s annual Independence Night is known for attracting mammoth crowds from all walks of life. People of all ages were already in queues while others had already accessed the venue and were being guided by ushers.

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Renowned and celebrated actor Charles Senkubuge, who also works with Salt Media group owned by Pr Bujingo was the Master of Ceremony and encouraged the worshippers to accept the drizzles as a blessing from God.

“We told you we are expecting rain as a sign of blessing. God knows we are here and we are now being blessed. You just need to dwell yourself into prayer and accept that God is with you at all times,” Senkubuge said.

Pr Dorothy Nakimuli who was also among the morning preachers re-echoed Pr Semakula’s message of seeking economic independence. Pr Nakimuli said that prayer breaks all evils and gives independence to all nature. Pr Bujingo is expected to preach in the night hours and many gospel musicians are expected to perform.