How Off Ryine’s music career soared after joining Bash Luks’ Lot Fire Records

How Off Ryine's music career soared after joining Bash Luks' Lot Fire Records
A picture collage of Off Ryine (Left and Right) and Bash Luks (Centre), the visionary force behind Lot Fire Records.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Off Ryine, the exceptionally talented musician and singer-songwriter from Uganda, recently captivated audiences in an exclusive interview with the Kampala Dispatch. He shared his extraordinary journey of transformation after joining Lot Fire Records, the esteemed music label owned by the renowned Bash Luks in Uganda, East Africa.

Off Ryine described this opportunity as a pivotal moment in his career, marking a significant positive change.

Since signing with Lot Fire Records a year and a half ago, Off Ryine has embarked on an extraordinary journey in the music industry. His exceptional songwriting skills have propelled him to become one of Uganda’s most promising songwriters.

In a recent interview with the Kampala Dispatch, Off Ryine shared how Lot Fire Records has profoundly streamlined his career, particularly in music distribution and marketing.

“It has been an enriching journey of acquiring knowledge, exploring new experiences, and connecting with diverse individuals. These individuals are highly esteemed figures in the Ugandan music industry, and I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to collaborate with them at this level,” Off Ryine stated.

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Before joining Lot Fire Records, Off Ryine faced significant challenges, struggling to get his music played on the airwaves without much success. The support and resources provided by Lot Fire Records have been instrumental in overcoming these obstacles.

Off Ryine emphasized that the opportunity with Lot Fire Records was too valuable to pass up, regardless of financial considerations. He believes that without this partnership, he wouldn’t have reached his current level of success and fulfillment.

Under Lot Fire Records, Off Ryine successfully released his song “Love Let it Go (Feat. Mutant Jay)” and is currently working on his highly anticipated debut album, set to launch later this year.

This milestone is a testament to his dedication and talent, inspiring aspiring musicians and solidifying his place in the music industry.