Kataleya and Kandle rebrand, share their story after 6-month hiatus

Kataleya and Kandle rebrand, share their story after 6-month hiatus
Kataleya and Kandle rebrand to K & K Music.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | After more than six months of silence, musicians Kataleya and Kandle made a comeback two weeks ago. Speculation suggests that their hiatus was due to a dispute with their former record label, Theron Music Records, for undisclosed reasons.

Earlier this month, Kataleya and Kandle reemerged under their new brand name, “K & K Music,” and reactivated their social media accounts accordingly. Unfortunately, their new Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked on the same day they were launched, leaving them with access only to their X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok accounts.

A week following their return, the duo released a new song titled ‘Tompa,’ featuring Swangz Avenue’s artist Vinka. The song’s video, uploaded to their new YouTube channel “KK Music,” garnered over 92,000 views in nine days and the channel currently boasts over 3,000 subscribers. ‘Tompa’ is also enjoying extensive airplay across various media platforms.

During a television interview on Wednesday, Kataleya and Kandle discussed their recent activities and the challenges they faced with Theron Music over the past several months.

“We have been in the country. We got some misunderstandings with our former management, so we needed time to reflect. We needed time to be with people who care about us specifically our immediate family members,” explained Kandle.

When asked about the specifics of their disagreement with their former management, Kataleya and Kandle were reluctant to provide detailed explanations. They stated that the misunderstanding arose as it often does between business partners. However, they expressed gratitude to their former managers for significantly advancing their music careers and increasing their recognition.

The duo also firmly denied that their separation was due to any romantic involvement with members of their former management team, countering rumors that had circulated during their fallout with Theron Music.

Additionally, Kataleya and Kandle confirmed reports that CCTV cameras had been installed in the apartment rented for them by their former managers, ostensibly to monitor their movements and actions.

They cited this, among other issues, as a key factor in their decision to part ways with the label that initially propelled them to fame.

How Kataleya and Kandle met

Many don’t know who Kataleya or Kandle is of the two as they always inseparable. In this photo; Kataleya is donning a light blue dress while Kandle, brown.

Kataleya, whose real name is Namakula Hadijah (born 19 December 1999) , and Kandle, whose real name is Nabatuusa Rebecca Robins (born 22 February 1998), met at Kataleya’s birthday party after being introduced by a mutual friend. Both had adopted their stage names, Kataleya and Kandle, prior to meeting each other.

Kandle had initially pursued a solo music career, recording a few songs that were never released. The duo officially began collaborating in 2019, balancing their music endeavors with a clothing business.

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Their first song, produced by Ronnie On Dis One, was never released or broadcast on any media platforms. However, it was this track that they performed during auditions for Theron Music in 2021, which led to their signing with the label.

Under Theron Music, they released their debut tracks “Tonafuya,” “Muzibe wa Love,” and “Do Me.” These songs significantly contributed to their rise in popularity, especially during the nationwide lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before their relationship with Theron Music deteriorated, Kataleya and Kandle released an extended play titled “Call It Love,” consisting of six tracks that were gaining traction.

Following their rebranding, it remains uncertain whether they will be permitted to perform the songs they recorded while under contract with Theron Music.