Police summons musical duo Kataleya & Kandle for alleged libel

Kataleya and Kandle rebrand, share their story after 6-month hiatus
Kataleya and Kandle rebrand to K & K Music.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Police in Kampala have issued summons to the well-known musical duo Kataleya & Kandle regarding accusations of libel.

The summons was prompted by claims of defamatory remarks directed at their former management, Theron Music Company Limited.

The singers have been directed to appear at the regional CID Office of Kampala Metropolitan East located on Jinja Road today. They are required to participate in an interview and provide an official statement.

“This office is investigating an alleged case of libel vide the above-mentioned reference on Theron Music Company limited,” the summons read in part.

“This is therefore to invite you to report to the regional CID Office Kampala Metropolitan East at Jinja Road on July 4, 2024, at 0900 hours for an interview and statement recording to enable us to conclude our investigations.”

The summons indicated that the interview will be conducted by Isaac Muyinda.

In a message to their fans, Kataleya & Kandle disclosed that they had been receiving calls and texts from unidentified individuals, some falsely claiming to be music promoters attempting to book them for shows in Masaka.

The artists reported that these individuals issued numerous unlawful threats and tried to track them using the military’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and the police’s Flying Squad, but were unsuccessful.

Kataleya & Kandle expressed their concern about the handling of the situation, stating they should have received formal police summons rather than facing intimidation and threats.

Kataleya and Kandle rebrand, share their story after 6-month hiatus
Many don’t know who Kataleya or Kandle is of the two as they always inseparable. In this photo; Kataleya is donning a light blue dress while Kandle, brown.

They acknowledged the legal actions taken by their accusers and affirmed their willingness to cooperate with the police.

“We assure our cooperation and will present ourselves to the legitimate police authorities to truthfully provide a statement regarding the malicious allegations against us by our accusers in a futile bid to intimidate us and stifle our legitimate music business and livelihood,” the statement read.

The artists have expressed their intent to fully cooperate once the details of the accusations are made clear.

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As the situation develops, Kataleya & Kandle have asked their fans to keep them in their prayers.

After a silence of more than six months, the duo recently returned to the music scene under their new brand name, “K & K Music.” 

Speculation suggests that their hiatus was due to a dispute with their former record label, Theron Music Records, for undisclosed reasons.

Last month, Kataleya & Kandle reemerged under their new brand name, “K & K Music,” and reactivated their social media accounts accordingly.

Unfortunately, their new Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked on the same day they were launched, leaving them with access only to their X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok accounts.

A week after their return, the duo released a new song titled “Tompa,” featuring Swangz Avenue artist Vinka.