Bungee Jumping: A thrill on River Nile

Bungee Jumping: A thrill on River Nile
A tourist enjoys bungee jumping in Jinja. Courtesy photo.

Bungee jumping is an activity where someone jumps off of a tall structure in this case a bridge over the River Nile while held by an elastic cord that is tightly tied up at the bridge with instructors and safety advisers always on standby.

The thrill comes from the fall and the rebound, when you jump the cord stretches and you fly upwards as the cord recoils continuing up and down till it slows down then you are gently let down by the instructors.

The instructors turn and look at you after strapping you in, your eyes are full of panic as you stare at the drop that in your mind “might end your life.”

One of them double checks the straps and smiles at you – “You can do this, you were born for this…” You close your eyes as they push you down off the ramp, your heart races and you wait to wake up in heaven or hell, but wait you haven’t prayed yet! Wait!!

A scream you didn’t know existed rises out of your throat as you feel yourself falling, then you feel it; the cool wind whispering words of encouragement as you swing from side to side.

Truly bungee-jumping is amazing. The birds chirp by, flying with ease around you, the Nile calmly flows around and there is a deep realization of the beauty around.

It’s so breathtaking, one would absolutely have to squeal in glee as the guides gently lead you down to a boat waiting for you, the feel of adrenaline rush is absolutely worth it. Jumping off a bridge over the Nile is an absolute must on the bucket list of the adventurers this year!

Nothing beats an adrenaline rush to get you jump-started when routine starts to get boring and Jovago Uganda gives you a feel of one of the most sought after thrill adventure that you can get to experience when you come to Uganda .

This desired adrenaline rush can be found 10 minutes away from Jinja town right near the Nile (the longest river in the world). Only a short drive is needed to take you to the destination of your thrill of a lifetime, you will jump off the bridge and see the world upside down but it will not matter because all you will feel is glee after the fear dies down.

By Evelyn Masaba