6 ways to get out of her friend zone

6 ways to get out of her friend zone
Once you’re categorized in the “friend zone” category, chances are, you’re never going to get out of it. While attraction boils down to a mixture of pheromones, chemistry, energy and confidence, and no book or list of tips can teach you that -- there are a few things you can do. Courtesy Photo

Today we will finally find out how to get out of the friend zone. Agree, this is one of the most terrible problems of modern life.

Millions of guys are stuck in this unenviable condition and no one knows how to get out of it. Except us, of course.

Even handsome and wealthy men experienced all the “charms” of the friend zone. It would seem that you met the girl of your dreams, you make an effort to make her like you, and she only “respects the distance” that leads you into a stupor. Since that very moment you begin to constantly ask yourself: “how can I get out of the friend zone?.”

What is a friend zone and why do you fall into it?

By friend zone we mean different motivations and emotions between a man and a woman. As a rule, this state of affairs suits only one – in this case, the fair sex.

You want to see her as your girlfriend, and she is comfortable with an easy (and sometimes not easy) touch of flirtation. And even if you are chatting all night long at her place, watch movies, sipping wine – it does not mean that she wants from you something more than friendly relations.

There are many reasons why a man can stay in the category of “good acquaintances” for a long time. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Dispersal field: She needs you in case when there is no one else near her, or if there are no more suitable options.
  • A good adviser: Women appreciate good men’s advice. They also care about how men look at certain situations.
  • A reliable defender and assistant: She wants to expect that you will help her fix something in the house and become her patron.
  • The one with whom she forgets for a while about the other guy: She has a boyfriend, but with fancies or flaws, so she spends time with you to distract herself from time to time.
  • Thick wallet: Sadly, but sometimes it is beneficial for her because of financial considerations. In this case, you cannot get out of the friend zone in easy way. If she really has serious financial problems (or there is no desire to make money herself), she will go to any, even the most insidious lie. She will inspire you with hope until you go insane. And even after that, she will visit you in a psychiatric hospital to steal your pills and sell them to local drug addicts.

It is often surprising that a girl may not even consider your communication as friendship. For all your questions, she either leaves an answer, or says that it’s not time to start a relationship. But do not wait and wait until she “ripens” – it’s time to act.

  1. Change: This is where our “get out of the friend zone, now!” lecture begins. Match her expectations. If you are ready, change your image, habits that she does not like. Suddenly invite her to a nice restaurant and order her favorite dish. Make unexpected and pleasant surprises.
  2. Slow, but sure reduction in distance: Is she against hugs and kisses in public places? Then gradually reduce the distance between you. Accidentally straighten her hair, help her to cope with the lock on the dress, kiss in a friendly manner on the cheek; and then proceed on an increasing program.
  3. Do not go at her expense: Let her understand that you will not indulge her whims and every time listen to sentimental stories about her ex. There are many other interesting and relevant activities and topics for conversation between adult man and a woman.
  4. Sometimes refuse to meet: Do not be afraid that it will alienate her. Practice shows that the periodic refusals of meetings awaken the girl’s desire to insist and see you. In addition, it is an occasion for her to reflect on your role in her life and understand that you are an impregnable handsome man with many-sided interests. 
  5. Be a man: Communicate with her not as a friend, but as a man. Make interesting meetings (which should look like dates), plan your time yourself, do not give up if you do not have instant success.
  6. Stop this game: If your efforts do not help, the last thing that remains is to speak frankly with her, putting everything on its proper place. Otherwise, it can all drag on for a long time, until one day she invites you to her wedding (believe us, such cases happen).

It is worth telling her about your feelings and intentions, and also to find out what she feels for you and how she looks at translating relations into a new, no longer just friendly, plane.

by Michael Wandati