Residents, tour operators protest closure of Mbarara Resource Centre

Residents, tour operators protest closure of Mbarara Resource Centre

Mbarara, Uganda | URN | Tour operators in Mbarara Municipality are protesting a decision by the authorities to close the resource centre.

Mbarara Resource Center became operational in 2018 following protests from residents after it remained under lock and key despite its completion in 2015. The 32 million shillings centre is meant to serve pupils, students, teachers, tourists and among others.

It was also hoped that the centre would provide space for displaying the traditional Ankole crafts. The proposal to build the resource centre was mooted by Mbarara Municipal Development forum in conjunction with the council authorities to serve travellers and readers with information about Mbarara, its people and culture.

However, the centre has remained closed for three months under unclear circumstances.

Bright Muhumuza a businessman in Mbarara town is one of those that are concerned about the closure of the structure. He says that despite denying the people of Mbarara information, the move means that the money spent on the project is being put to waste.

Imam Kagiiko the Katete ward councillor says that the municipal authorities should give reasons why the centre has remained closed for several months.

Salim Mushere, who has been to the centre several times, says that it’s unfortunate that the municipality leadership which is pushing for a city status seems to ignore the importance of the centre.

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Joseph Kato worker with Crane Tours says that he recently went to the centre with a group of tourists and was only to be welcomed by a padlock on the door.

Mbarara Municipality town clerk Francis Barabanawe says that he has never been told about the operations and existence of the resource centre.

However, he says that he will engage municipality’s top leadership to ensure that the matter is addressed.

Mbarara Municipality Mayor Robert Mugabe Kakyebezi says that the matter is being handled by the municipal leadership and that the resource centre will soon open.

Without giving a clear timeline, the mayor also did not give reasons behind the closure of the centre.