Livingstone International University halts examinations over floods

Livingstone International University halts examinations over floods
Livingstone International University in Mbale floods as examinations are postponed

Mbale, Uganda | URN | Livingstone International University in Mbale has postponed its forthcoming examinations over floods.

The university was set to begin its semester one examinations today 25th, November 2019.

However, the university campus was flooded on Saturday 23rd after River Nabuyonga burst its banks following heavy rains.

Several other rivers including Nabuyonga, Namunsi and Manafwa among others burst their banks.

The floods ravaged several villages in the lower Sub counties of Mbale district and displaced hundreds of people.

Livingstone International University,which is located in Namakwekwe ward in Mbale municipality and next to river Nabuyonga was also affected.

The river burst its banks and flooded the university, water filled up all the classrooms, hostels and offices. All computers and documents were taken by the water.

This has prompted the university administration to postpone the examination until further notice.

John Khauka, the Livingstone International University Marketing Officer, said the rains found students asleep and flooded their rooms.

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He said the water destroyed the belongings of students like beddings and books. The offices of the marketing officer and the dean of students are among those that were ravaged.

Khauka explained that this has made the university to halt the examinations since the students are physiologically affected. He says the exams will now be conducted in their new campus in Kamonkoli in Budaka district.

He says the move by the university to halt the exams is to enable students to recover from the calamity.

Derick Mesulam, a second Student of Media Technology welcomed the move, saying that they need a lot of time to recover from the trauma they went through during flooding.

Violet Namutosi, a student of Diploma in Media Technology, says that all their classes are filled with water and mud.