My working relationship with President Museveni was candid – Ambassador Malac

Malac and Museveni

The out-going United States Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Ruth Malac has said she had a candid working relationship with President Museveni.

Malac whose four-year tenure as US Ambassador to Uganda ends on Sunday 26th told this publication in an interview on Friday that her and Museveni often had frank discussions especially on the rule of law and human rights.

She asked Government not to sacrifice the rights of Ugandans in the name of maintaining stability.

In May 2016, Diplomats including Malac walked out of President Museveni’s inauguration ceremony over comments he made about the International Criminal Court as he referred to them as a bunch of useless people.

In July 2016, President Museveni hosted Malac at his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhura District and also took her on a tour of the farm, specifically showing her the long-horned Ankole cattle. This was one of Malac’s rear appearances with the President after critiquing the Government for long.

On January 16th, Ambassador Malac bid farewell to President Museveni.

Malac says that during her tenure, her relationship with President Museveni was good and important.

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Malac was on several occasions directly attacked by Government officials from different Ministries and agencies like the Government Media Centre, especially when she was seen to make statements that didn’t please the Government.

She said in her final press conference, that when one is in such roles of Governance, it is important to stick to principals.

Malac says even as she bows out, she will continue monitoring the situation in Uganda from abroad since she has a history here.