36 more people test positive to COVID-19 in Uganda, cases rise to 317

Uganda's coronavirus cases rise by 36 to 317
Uganda's coronavirus cases rise by 36 to 317

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The Ministry of Health has today confirmed the highest number of positive COVID-19 Ugandans — 36 —  in a single day.

The previous highest number on a single day since tests began in March was 31 on May 26. Uganda’s revised total confirmed cases now rise to 317.

The single daily previous highest was 43 on May 15th, but only 17 of those were Ugandans.

Uganda last week revised its confirmed cases figures, cutting of hundreds of truck drivers from neigbouring countries.

Today, another 26 positive foreign truck drivers were turned back to their countries of origin.

Test figures in summery

🔺 May 28th – new COVID-19 cases 36
🔺 Total confirmed cases 317.
🔺 20 new cases are from South Sudan point of entry
🔺 12 new cases are contacts to previously confirmed truck drivers.

🔹26 positive foreign truck drivers were handed over to their country of origin
🔸Total Recoveries: 69
🔹Samples from Points of Entry tested today: 1,428
🔸Samples from community and contacts: 802
🔹Samples tested today: 2,230

Below is Africa’s coronavirus update from submitted figures:

East/Central Africa

In Kenya 3 more people died, raising the total number of deaths to 58. Further, Kenya’s confirmed cases rose by 147 to 1618 from the 2,831 samples tested. All the new cases are Kenyan nationals including 87 males and 60 females. Also, a further 13 patients were discharged – raising the total number of recoveries at 421

Rwanda recorded 3 new cases from 1,766 samples tested, rising the national tally of 349. Active cases still stand 104 and the number of recoveries stands at 245.

Sudan recorded 200 new cases (total 4,346) and 11 new deaths (total 195). In Djibouti, a further 217 new cases (total 2914) and 2 new deaths (total 20). DR Congo recorded 114 new cases (total 2660) and one new death (total 69). Somalia recorded 97 new cases (total 1,828) and 5 new deaths (total 72).

In Mayotte, there 25 new cases (1,618) and 3 new deaths (total 58). Ethiopia recorded 100 new cases (total 831) and one more death (total 7). Chad registered 11 new cases (total 726) and one new death (total 65). Madagascar’s cases rose by 44 to 656.

North Africa

Egypt recorded 29 new deaths (total 845) and 1,127 new cases (total 20,793). Algeria recorded 140 new cases (total 8,997) and 7 new deaths (630). In Morocco, 42 people were confirmed positive for coronavirus. Tunisia’s cases rose by 17 to 1,068. Mauritania registered 54 new cases (total 346) and 3 new deaths (total 19).

Southern Africa

Angola’s cases rose by 3 to 74 while Malawi’s rose by 102 to 203. In Mozambique, there 6 new cases (total 233) and one new death (total 2). In Eswatini there were 7 new cases (total 279).

West Africa

Guinea’s confirmed cases rose by 278 to 3,553. Also, two more deaths were recorded, riding the total number of deaths to 22. Ivory Coast registered one more death (total 32) and another 85 new cases (total 2641).

Mali recorded 2 new deaths (total 72) and 78 new cases (total 1,194). Niger registered 3 new cases (total 955) and one more death (total 64).

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In Burkina Faso, the cases rose by 2 to 847. In Sierra Leone 30 new cases, rising the cases to 812. Togo registered 27 new cases (total 422). In Liberia there 3 new cases (total 269). Guinea Bissau registered one more death, raising the total deaths to 8. Total cases stand at 1,195.

A total of 3,083 new cases and 74 new deaths were recorded in Africa on Thursday, raising the total cases to 129,721 cases. Total deaths on the continent currently stand at 3,784.