Last minute Father’s Day gifts: 10 ideas of 2020 every Dad will remember

Fathers' Day gifts guide 2020
Father’s Day is the day we celebrate and honor fathers, fatherhood, paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers in society.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Before you even get a chance to pat yourself on the back for finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s time to start thinking about your dad. Father’s Day is only a few days away, and if you’re still looking for the best Father’s Day gift ideas, we’ve got it all sorted out for you.

Dad has been there for you through thick and thin: bike falls, broken hearts, you name it. The best way to show your number 1 guy how much you appreciate him is with the perfect Father’s Day gift, something that’s meaningful, practical, and budget-friendly (sigh… since you know how much he hates the thought of you spending your hard-earned money on him).

Here’s what we’re giving the dads on our list this Father’s Day:

1. Face Mask

A face mask is a doubly thoughtful present. As many countries globally have all begun to ease lockdown measures in some way, most businesses including grocery stores and public transport require adults and kids to wear a face mask before entering, per the World Health Organization (WHO’s) recommendations.

This means that as we continue to monitor the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, Dad will definitely be reaching for a face mask sooner than a tie.

Last minute Father’s Day gifts: Ideas of 2020 every Dad will remember
Simple Face Mask for Father’s Day

Chances are he currently keeps a rotation of simple cloth or disposable mask on deck, but mass retailers, brands, and independent artisans are selling options that are functional and stylish enough to give as presents—some can even be custom-embroidered with his initials or favorite sports team. 

So whether the father figure in your life needs a breathable face mask for exercising, a low-key option for when he heads back into work, or one that makes a statement, visit the nearest tailor in your area for a custom-made face mask, or a retail shop that sell unique ready-made face masks for a great choice of Father’s Day gift in 2020.

2. Grooming products

Dad will want to keep up appearances. Help elevate your dad’s grooming routine out by upgrading his shaver. Though heavens knows why, because he isn’t going anywhere. Gillette is always good for electric clippers and suchlike.

Speaking of which…your hair isn’t going to cut itself. This Farther’s Day, consider a practical grooming kit; it’s the gift that dad can actually use during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Grooming products

Traditional wet shaving is a ritual that relaxes his mind, soul and body. It’s his own time. A time carved out just for him. Treat dad to a luxurious at-home shave with a grooming kit.

Your gift will make him feel masculine. Confident. Worthy. Rejuvenated. Refreshed. A gift that truly keeps on giving long after Father’s Day.

3. Beer, Wine & Spirits

A bottle is always welcome. Especially for you. Because — let’s face it — who’s dad going to share it with? Not his cronies at Club Guvnor or at The Alchemist Kitchen & Bar.

Uganda Waragi is the only Gin in the world to use the unique combination of Botanicals including lime peel, nutmeg and cassia bark.

Dad enjoys a cold glass of beer, wine and spirits and likes to try unique styles. Give him the chance to sample a number of craft brands from some of the country’s best, small independent brewers.

You might try Uganda Waragi, Jameson or Jonny Walker, one of the many companies that is now delivering at home is Jumia. Be sure to ask your dad what he likes. Then order your own favorite, and tell him they were out.

4. An insulated Tumbler to keep dad’s drinks hot or cold

Gift dad with a tumbler. I personally recommend a Yeti tumbler (you can research and find other tumbler brands you may like). This tumbler can hold any of his favorite drinks – from beer to water to coffee. And its stylish too.

Yeti tumblers are available in a number of colors.

The tumbler features a Magslider lid, double wall insulation, and stainless steel body. The mug also effectively maintains temperature and is dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

5. Grilling tools

Since we are all quarantined at home due to COVID-19 lockdown, it’s Time for Dad to Get Cooking!

Grilling tools
Grilling tools

You haven’t been to a restaurant in months. Luckily, the old man is just itching to get to the outdoor grill and cook you up a nice big juicy steak. Because of course that’s what he wants to do — he’s a dad.

6. Power Tools

After months in isolation, there’s going to be a lot of things around the house that need fixing.

There are walls that have to be repainted, after the stir-crazy children drew on them with crayons. Gifting your dad some fixing power tools might be ideal.

Power Tools

There are banisters, loose from months of non-stop tramping up and down the stairs. There is firewood and timber to be chopped, and who knows for how long we’ll still be in lockdown. A chainsaw could come in handy.

Or if Dad’s feeling really ambitious, he could start building the extra storage shed or a chicken pen that you will need for your food stockpiles. A drill from Black & Decker might be just the ticket.

7. Ties

This is the number one, classic Father’s Day gift. And at first, you might question its inclusion here. After all, a tie is something you only wear outside the house, right? No one wears a tie at home.

Well, that shows you how much you understand about Father’s Day. Ties aren’t for wearing. Ties are for collecting. Your father will do with your gift what he always does — put it in the closet with all the other ties.

Tie gift for Dad on Father’s Day

While he’s at it, get him to show you how to knot a four-in-hand. You might as well get something out of it. By the way, do you know how to tie a tie?

8. Ideas for a fun-filled day indoors, with your Dad

Father’s Day this year (2020) will be different as the world is battling with coronavirus pandemic. Going out is not the best idea, especially with doctors and experts strictly advising older citizens to stay home. So get creative and plan a Father’s Day to remember — indoors.

Here’s what parents are dealing with Coronavirus isolation…

Here are creative ideas you could do to make him feel special on Father’s Day:

  • Wake him up with a great cup of coffee or his favourite flavor of tea. Add some cookies on the tray.
  • Spoil him with breakfast in bed. Get some tips from grand-mom about his favourite childhood breakfast.
  • Let there be music! Make a playlist of your dad’s favourite songs or instrumental music.
  • We’re on lockdown. So stock up the fridge with only your dad’s favourite drink – sodas, milk, coke…or maybe, a healthy fruit punch.
  • Board games with family can be fun. There is a variety you can choose from – Monopoly, Carom, Scrabble, Ludo or any other game he enjoys.
  • Organize a fun treasure hunt in the house.
  • Do some research and cook up a storm for your dad.
  • Binge watch films on the television with a big bowl of pop corn.
  • There can’t be a better day for clicking selfies.
  • Write your dad a letter, make him feel super-special.

At a time when a deadly pandemic has changed the world as we know it, Father’s Day is a great chance to spend quality time with family and make each moment count.

9. A portable chair for the dad who loves his recliner

A portable recliner chair is a great option for the outdoor-loving dad, he will be bringing this chair along with him on all of his summer camping adventures, even if it is just the backyard especially during this time of stay at home due to coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.

A portable recliner chair is a perfect Father’s Day gift to be remembered even after this day

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10. Cologne to keep dad smelling fresh

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with gifting dad some new cologne. This refreshing fragrance by Chanel won an Allure beauty award for best men’s fragrance in 2018.

Bleu de Chanel

The bestselling ‘Bleu de Chanel’ Eau De Toilette spray is a woody, aromatic fragrance and inspired by the man who defies convention. The Eau De Toilette contains notes of citrus accord, labdanum, and sandalwood cedar.

Who has a dad who *always* says he doesn’t need anything? What are some of creative ideas for Father’s Day?