Entebbe municipal council to start online registration of taxi operators

Entebbe municipal council will start online registration of taxi operators

Entebbe, Uganda | URN | Entebbe municipal council will start online registration of taxi operators in the municipality.

This stems from the on-going registration exercise rolled out by the government to streamline the public transport industry within the Kampala Metropolitan Area.

Entebbe municipality town clerk Magumba says the exercise will also help combat the spread of COVID-19 since taxi operators will not physically visit the municipal offices for registration as it has been since mid-June.

The registration will require the taxi operators to attach the required documents such as National Identity Card, driver’s license, vehicle’s logbook, and Kampala Capital City Council certificate and the route chart.

According to Magumba, online registration will start next month. The council expects to register about 1,000 taxis by end of the year.

However, ever since June 12th when registration commenced in Entebbe, 250 operators have so far been cleared to operate in the area.

John Kiyaga, the chairman of Entebbe Taxi Operators Association says that there are about 600 to 700 taxi operators that ply the Kampala-Entebbe route. He explains that an additional 160 vehicles have been cleared from Kampala for the same route bringing the total so far to 410 motor vehicles.

Kiyaga however says the association is not aware of the online registration exercise.

“It will however not help operators who are tax defaulters or lack documents like valid driving permits,” Kiyaga says, “Some also don’t want to disclose the name of the taxi owner.”

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Magumba says the council will meet association leaders and drivers before rolling out the online registration.

The municipal council has directed operators to use Nyondo road as a stage because of on-going renovations at Kitooro taxi park which could be ready next year.

Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA has earmarked six stages for taxis that ply the Entebbe-Kampala route. The stages include Nakawa, Usafi taxi Park, Kasenyi, Natete, New Taxi Park and near St. Balikuddembe Market, Owino.