Kadaga convoy accident victims demand compensation

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

Fort Portal, Uganda | URN | The family of three people who were knocked by the lead car of the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga’s convoy in Fort Portal Tourism City are demanding for compensation. 

The accident happened on August 3 at Boma as the three were riding on a Boda Boda heading to Fort Portal city center. They were knocked by police lead car Reg. No. UP 4842.

They are Shamilah Mbabazi, Aminah Kakwezi who are sisters and residents of Kiteere in Central Division Fort Portal Tourism City and Karim Mitala, the Boda Boda cyclist.  They were rushed to Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital for medical attention, and the speaker gave them 1 million shillings to cater for their treatment and other needs.

From this money, the sisters got 600,000 shillings while Mitala 400,000 shillings. But the victims say that due to the severe injuries they sustained and the fact that they bought all the drugs they received at the hospital, the money got used up yet they are still worse off and struggling to recover.

Kakwezi says an x-ray showed that her left leg hip got a dislocation and the thighbone cracked.  Another x-ray indicated that her left hand also dislocated from the shoulder.

Kakwezi says that after the operation, she was discharged but three weeks later, she is still stuck in her bed and cannot move most of her body parts.

Kakwezi says that a catheter was inserted in her body to help her pass out urine but she is in severe pain and can no longer afford to buy painkillers or antibiotics.

Mbabazi says that a sharp object tore apart the flesh on her right thigh, adding that even though the wound was stitched, it is still draining yet she is not on any medication.

Their mother, Kakwezi Zainabu, says that for three weeks now, she is not working as she has to take care of her daughters and as a result, there is no income to the family.

Zainabu now wants the speaker to intervene and extend more financial assistance to them to ensure her children heal.

Abdul Mitala, the father to Karim says that his son sustained head injuries and a sharp object also tore apart flesh on his right leg thigh.  Although he was operated two days after the accident, pus is now oozing out of the stitched incisions that have also degenerated into wounds.

According to an orthopedist at Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital who has preferred anonymity, Karim has developed an infection that could have been as a result of the delayed operation that gave a chance to the bacteria to enter his body through the wounds.

But Karim’s father says he is financially constrained to seek for more treatment for his son and has never heard from the speaker’s office since the day of the accident.

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The in-charge of the surgical ward at Fort Portal regional referral hospital, Joyce Mbambu, says that the patients were discharged while in stable condition.

She also admits that they were made to buy drugs outside the hospital because they did not have them in the hospital. She added that they can always go back for reviews if their conditions are worsening.

Kadaga’s Private Press Secretary Sam Obbo, in a phone interview, declined to give an elaborate comment about the matter saying he needed more time.

Efforts to get a comment from the Rwenzori West Regional Police Spokesperson, Vincent Twesige, on the status of the investigation into the accident have been futile as several calls to his phone went unanswered.