Ragga Dee wins NRM Lord Mayoral flag after fresh tally

Singer Daniel Kazibwe also known as Ragga Dee
Singer Daniel Kazibwe also known as Ragga Dee

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The National Resistance Movement Electoral Commission has declared singer Daniel Kazibwe also known as Ragga Dee as the party’s official candidate for the Kampala Lord Mayoral race, after a fresh tally of votes. Ragga Dee had lost the bid to Ssebaana Kizito in polls held on September 11.

Although he had conceded defeat, Kizito petitioned the Electoral Commission citing that the declaration forms had been tampered with. 

Earlier results showed that Kazibwe won the poll in Kawempe division with 4,153 votes against 3,427 gathered by Kizito and got 3,804 in Nakawa, against Kizito’s 3,170. Kizito had been awarded a landslide in Kampala Central with 25,955 against Kazibwe’s 4,089 while in Makindye Division, Kazibwe had polled 9,634 votes against Kizito’s 1,914 and another 8,113 votes in Lubaga, against Kizito’s 2,725. 

But the new tally gave Kazibwe 56,877 votes in Lubaga Division, while Kizito’s tally also went up to 15,939 votes. The votes in Kawempe also went up to 5,237 for Kazibwe and 3,983 for Kizito. In Nakawa, the new tally gives Kazibwe 4,029 votes against Kizito’s 3,202 and 11,679 votes in Makindye for Kazibwe against 1,946  for Kizito. The votes in Kampala Central changed drastically to 27,819 for Kazibwe and 462 votes for Kizito.

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NRM Electoral Commission Jane Alisemera Babiiha announced the change at the NRM Electoral Commission in Kampala on Thursday and said that the final tallying at the divisions did not match with what was on their declaration forms.  

She says during retallying they invited agents of both candidates and went through the forms together and discussed results.

Alisemera also says the NRM has started the process of hearing all other petitions. In areas where elections could not take place, she says they are organising other elections after September 20, upon conclusion of their elections for Special Interest Groups. The commission she says is also investigating cases of violence and chaos that happened in different parts of the country.