Teenager shot by CID, family gets death threats

Majid Kiwanuka having treatment at Jinja Referral Hospital.

Namutumba, Uganda | URN | Police in Busoga East say they are investigating a curious incident in which a teenager was shot at close range on the chest in Kibaale Town Council of Namutumba district by the officer in charge of CID Kibale Police Post.

Eyewitnesses say the victim, 19 year old Majid Kiwanuka, was walking with a friend when a Saloon car pulled and the occupant beckoned him. Kiwanuka reportedly walked over to the car which had two occupants with whom he held a conversation lasting about five minutes.  

Dison Nduuga who is the CID officer in charge at Kibaale Police Post reportedly got out of the car, and calmly shot Kiwanuka in the chest. Nduuga reportedly jumped back inti the car which sped off.

Kiwanuka who is currently admitted at ward 9 in Jinja regional referral hospital told this publication on Monday 19, October 2020 morning that, the incident happened on 13th October at around 8:30pm.

According to the X-ray report, Kiwanuka sustained a deep wound in his left upper chest after being shot at close range.

Kiwanuka stresses that, he was heading home after work when Nduuga who was traveling with an accomplice in a Saloon car called out to him and started asking him on some inquiries about his brother, getting out of the car and shooting him.

The victim’s mother, Hadijah Bileke says that her son is in bad shape yet she lacks the funds to purchase daily drugs needed to adequately treat Kiwanuka’s wound.

Mubarak Mukisa, the victim’s brother says that they receive daily threats from unknown people who on several occasions attack them while at hospital, instructing them to settle the matters outside courts of law or risk losing their relative.

Meanwhile, James Mubi, the Busoga East Police Spokesperson says that inquiries are underway however, he says the victim was part of the youth who disregarded police warning after being blocked from organizing a political rally in Kibaale Trading Center at night, prompting Nduuga to fire in the air but he accidentally injured Kiwanuka.

However, eyewitnesses say that there was no political rally but Nduuga intentionally shot Kiwanuka over unclear reasons.

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Michael Iswaya, who was walking alongside the victim before the incident, says that Nduuga called Kiwanuka while seated in his car, they had a five minutes’ argument then he got out of the vehicle and shot at him.

Teddy Atukunda, another eyewitness who works as a food vendor in Kibaale Trading Center, says that the village was quiet as most people had retired from their respective stalls, that Nduuga who was accompanied by his friend only known as apostle shot Kiwanuka and sped off.

There has been no arrest so far, neither of the CID officer who shot nor any of his accomplices.