Bobi Wine vows to fulfill all NUP manifesto pledges

The NUP manifesto launch in Mbarara.

Mbarara, Uganda | URN | The National Unity Platform [NUP] party president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has vowed to fulfill all pledges presented in the party manifesto that was launched in Kakyeeka stadium, Mbarara on Saturday 7, November 2020.

Kyagulanyi said that his vow to fulfill is underlined in the party theme of “A NEW UGANDA.”

The function to launch the manifesto that was slated to start in the morning was delayed by the slow progress of the party leaders motorcade as Kyagulanyi came in from Ntungamo district amidst tight security arriving at the function in the afternoon.

While launching the manifesto, Kyagulanyi said the greatness of any nation lies in the patriotism of the leaders who feel and understand the challenges of the ordinary people that they lead and not in the beauty of a manifesto or the beautiful policy documents that have been written.

“I am not saying that there is no value in the manifestos but I want to emphasize that no matter how beautiful the ideas of any candidate in the manifesto are, if there is no will for the leaders to better the lives of the people that they lead everything will be just a talk”. Kyagulanyi said.

He said that the greatness of any nation is in the commitment of the leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say and those leaders who focus on the next generation, not the next election.

It’s here that he criticized the NRM government for failing to fulfill its promise on delivering sanitary pads for the girl child noting that this has caused the increase in numbers of young girls that drop out of school.

“In the last election of 2016, Gen Museveni went as far as lying to our children when he went all over the country promising that the government will provide free sanitary pads for our school-going children, he said that is what will help our girl children keep in school but up-to-date, this promise has been just like all other promises,” candidate Kyagulanyi said.

He wondered how the government can never fail to get billions of shillings to bribe for the passing of bad laws, buy off political opponents or to hire mercenaries to sing praises for the regime, never fail to find money to buy teargas and all “equipment’s of oppression” but fails to find money to buy sanitary pads for young girl children to enable them to stay in school.

According to figures from UNEB, only 57% of children who started primary one in the last 20 years managed to complete primary seven and most of the dropouts are the girls.

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The NUP manifesto also undertakes to among others enhance the livelihood of Ugandans ranging from teachers, health workers and security personnel whose monthly salary Kyagulanyi has pledged to increase to a minimum wage to 1million shillings.

Kyagulanyi also promised to create 5 million jobs by investing in technology and mass industrialization.

Meanwhile at the launch, Kyagulanyi was given a Runyakole name, Musinguzi meaning Victor, as he was handed a stool and spear as symbols of leadership.