Youth delegates take photos as proof to receive bribes from candidates

Kampala youth delegates

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Several delegates who participated in the Kampala youth elections on Wednesday 27, January 2021 were forced to take photos of ticked ballot papers to prove they voted for particular candidates.

The youths who voted at Akamwesi Gardens on Gayaza road were left to access the voting area with their phones.

Many of the delegates were seen taking photos after ticking the ballots which they were expected to present to the selected candidates for payment. Our reporter caught some of the delegates discussing the issue of voting and taking photos of the ticked ballot as proof for payment.

They claimed that National Resistance Movement [NRM] candidates Shamim Namusisi and Allan Mwesige had promised to pay Shillings 50,000 for every vote. However, Mwesige tasked the delegates to take photos of their ticket ballot as proof that they have voted for him before they could get their pay.

They claimed that a man named as Eddy would clear the youth delegates after presenting the proof.

Some of the youth delegates said they had rejected the proposal to take the photos of the ticket ballots in a meeting with the candidates saying it is risky for them.

Our reporter couldn’t speak to the implicated NRM candidates by the time of publishing this story. However, Laban Lwasa, an Independent candidate said he had seen several cases of voter bribery, saying he will use it to challenge the poll results.

Barbra Mulimira, the Kampala district returning officer said she allowed the delegates to access the polling stations with their phones because she had no means of controlling them.

Voting started close to 1 pm because Electoral Commission [EC] delivered materials at 10 am. The delegates were then called out one by one something that went on up to close to 1 pm.

The youth delegates were voting for their female and direct councilor to Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA council.

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The female candidates are Bridget Kusasira, Angella Namirembe, Judith Nalukwago, Debby Akullo, all independents and the incumbent Shamim Namusisi from the National Resistance Movement-NRM.

The male candidates are Hassan Magala, Ashley Ssendawula, Isaac Wada, Godfrey Ssali and Laban Lwasa, all independents, Joseph Mayambala of the National Unity Platform-NUP, Abdullah Figo Mubiru of the Ecological Party of Uganda and the NRM’s Allan Mwesige.