Pastors congratulate Museveni for winning ‘most peaceful’ election

President Museveni meets pastors recently. He today got a congratulations message from a group of them led by Pator Kayanja.

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Born Again Pastors have congratulated President Yoweri Museveni for having won what they called the ‘most peaceful’ election in Uganda’s history.

The Electoral Commission [EC] last month declared Museveni as having won the January 2021 elections with 58.38 per cent against his closest rival, Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine of the National Unity Platform [NUP] who got 35 per cent.

In a joint statement read by Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Cathedral Kampala, the pastors commended the leadership of Museveni for having made ‘most peaceful’ election possible. The pastors were meeting Museveni who was accompanied by his wife Janet Kataaha at State House Entebbe.

“It proved that when Godly people are in leadership, the people rejoice. As a father of the nation, like Moses in the Bible says God has used you to deliver several freedoms in this country including the freedom of worship among others,” Pr. Kayanja said.

Contrary to what Pr. Kayanja said, many observers have noted that this year’s election has been one of the most violent of all the six elections that have been held under the NRM government.

This is based on the fact that at least 54 people were killed in November last year as they protested the arrest and detention of then-presidential candidate, Kyagulanyi. 

The November events are one of the grounds on which Kyagulanyi is basing to ask the Supreme Court to annul Museveni’s victory. But the Pastors told Museveni that his victory is their victory because they have worked closely with him.  

“Today we come first to congratulate you upon your victory. Our relationship with you and the NRM government is not a seasonal affair but a lasting and deep partnership for our country.

Your victory is ours, Uganda’s and for Africa as well,” Kayanja who led the delegation of Born Again Pentecostal Church Leaders from across the country said. 

In reaction, Museveni commended them for what he called a principled stand they took to support what is right against what is wrong and supporting a continuation of peace in Uganda.

He appealed to the pastors and all other church leaders to join government efforts in addressing the issue of wealth and health of Ugandans saying that it’s not correct for them to abandon the people in need. 

“Traditional Churches are not addressing the issue of wealth and health of our communities. It is not correct for Churches, the government and political parties to live with people in need. Am therefore happy to be joined by Churches to work on this issue,” he said.

For her part, Janet Kataaha Museveni thanked the pastors for the good work they have done and continue to do for Uganda. “Thank you, God, for giving us back the victory we asked you for. Thank you for the good work you did but also for the work you are still doing for this nation,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Musevenis also met and held discussions with the Mothers Union group and Moslem Women leaders. 

Led by Ms Lillian Ahimbisibwe, President Mothers Union Western Uganda, Mrs Josephine Kasaato, President Mothers Union Namirembe Diocese and Hajat Namakula, the head of the Moslem women leaders, the mothers revealed that there is a lack of information and communication of the different government programmes to the communities. 

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President Museveni urged them to embrace the four principles of NRM including; Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, Social Economic Transformation and Democracy.  

“The biggest the problem we have here is the people working for the stomach only. We need to change our people and empower them to have an income. If you can focus on this, I will work with you,” The President said.