Expectant mothers in Bududa trek 20 kilometres to access maternal health services

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Expectant mother

Bududa, Uganda | URN | Maternal health services in Busiriwa sub county, Bududa district are still a challenge for expectant mothers. They have to travel for 20 kilometres to access maternal health services at the nearest health facility.

The mothers say they only have one health center III in Bushiyi which is far away from their homes. This has forced them to abandon antenatal services.

Robinah Wasagali, a mother said she lost her baby when she was going to deliver due to the long distance to Bushiyi health center III.

She wants the government to consider the sub county and construct a health facility.

Farida Khainza, another mother said they always reach at the facility late for antenatal services and delivery due to long-distance and steepness of the area.

She says that the mothers have to walk to the health facility each month amidst the challenge of bad roads.

Beatrice Watsemba, a resident in the area says that many expectant mothers have delivered on the way to the health facility and some of the newborns have died.

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Domiano Wakoli, a member of the Village Health Team said they are sometimes forced to carry patients on wheelbarrows to Bushiyi health center III.

Godfrey Nambale, the assistant district health officer says that the residents should task their leaders to lobby for the construction of health facilities in the area.

He however says that there are in discussions with management of Bushiyi health center III to organize community outreach programs.