Bobi Wine rallies families of abducted victims for support

Bobi Wine rallies families of abduction victims for support
The former Presidential Candidate of the National Unity Platform [NUP] Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The former Presidential Candidate of the National Unity Platform [NUP] Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine has called upon the families of abducted victims to be ready and join him anytime once he rises to demand freedom of their relatives.

Mr Kyagulanyi  made the remarks  during a prayer function that was held at NUP Headquarters to pray for the party supporters (abducted victims) whom he said were there rotting  in jail  and others who were killed because of supporting  him.

“After failing to get justice in the supreme court, we decided to go to the court of the people and when we call upon you the people who have been victimized by these actions of  the regime, don’t  waste any time  to rise and join us,” said Mr Kyagulanyi.

He noted that the government has continued arresting and abducting Ugandans mostly his supporters.We are doing everything possible to secure the freedom of our friends, over 3,000 people are in both known and unknown prisons across the country and those are the few whose relatives have managed to report to us,” Kyagulanyi added.

He told the families and relatives of the victims that the court of the public that he recently announced of taking his petition to is the only court where they will get justice for their people.

Last week, Kyagulanyi  officially announced  that he was withdrawing an election petition where he was challenging the January 14th presidential  victory of president  Yoweri Museveni  from the supreme court citing  biases in the court.

The prayers were was led by Pastor Dorothy Nantongo of Bulenga Christian Church and Sheik Lugonze Fahim from Kawempe. “I have been praying for our children whom they keep arresting and torture, let us pray for this country for it is only God who can rescue us from this continuous pain,” said Pastor Nantongo”

Among the family members of missing persons is Mulangira Katerega, an old man in his 80s who is father to Kyabaggu Geserwa who was arrested in Kalangala during Kyagulanyi’s campaigns. In tears, he narrated the pain he is undergoing after the arrest of his only son who was taking care of him.

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Geoffrey Ssegamwenge has a brother John Bosco Kibalama was picked on June 3 of 2019. Up to now, they have not heard from him. They have tried all possible means to know his whereabouts but in vain. “We have not heard anything from our brother and can’t even tell whether he is still alive or dead, we don’t know,” said Ssegamwenge”

Nakibuuka Solome, one of the mothers of the missing persons, said her son Matovu Denis, 23, and his friend Sonko Richard were abducted from Busabala in December and up to now, she has never seen them again. She said she went to all police stations around Kampala but wherever she has gone they tell her they do not have such people.