Uganda, Kenya opt for cross-border cattle market in Moroto


Moroto, Uganda | URN | The leaders of Karamoja and Turkana county of Kenya have agreed to establish cross-border cattle market in Moroto district. This will be a uniting market for the area pastoralists who have been conflicting with the neighbours across the border. 

The decision was taken on Wednesday 3, March 2021 during a cross-border meeting to discuss ways of ending conflicts between Karimojong and the Turkana pastoralists.

Robert Adupa the sub-county chairperson of Lotisan proposed that there was a need for the two countries to establish a cross-border cattle market on the border of Moroto and Turkana. “…It will become a meeting point for all the pastoralists and there will be no fighting,” he said.

This was quickly supported by the deputy governor of Turkana County Peter Lotethoro who said establishing a cross border market would stop conflicts and cement a good relationship among the pastoralists and boost trade in border communities.

“This market will attract traders from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and South Sudan and it will make these two conflicting communities form a business ally,” he said.

Moroto district chairperson Andrew Napaja said they will allocate land for the market construction. “We need business to boom, when shall we start to construct the market?,” Napaja asked drawing laughter in the meeting.

Jeremiah Ekale, one of the kraal leaders in Turkana said the establishment of cross-border cattle market was long overdue.

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“All along the pastoralists of Turkana and Karamoja have been demanding for the establishment of cross-border cattle market but the two governments didn’t take it as something serious,” he said.

Moses Kizige, the State Minister for Karamoja Affairs assured the people of Kenya that the Uganda government was committed to ensuring that the pastoralists were in total peace and they add value addition to their livestock products.