Ugandan Parliament calls for prosecution of Brian White over sexual abuse

Socialite Bryan White makes headway in out-of-court bargain
City Socialite Brian Kirumira alias Bryan White

Kampala, Uganda | By Uganda Parliament MediaParliament has ordered for the immediate arrest and prosecution of city businessman, Brian Kirumira also known as Brian White on charges of sexual abuse and trafficking in persons.

The directive follows an inquiry by Parliament’s Human Rights Committee, whose findings indicate that Kirumira sexually harassed a number of girls, physically tortured them and unlawfully confined them in his home.

On 14 May 2020, the Committee was directed by Parliament to consider a matter raised by MP Henry Kibalya (NRM Bugabula South) about the sexual abuse and violation of rights of a one, Stella Nandawula and other women by Kirumira. The concern arose out of a televised programme highlighting the sexual abuse.

The Committee report presented to Parliament during the Thursday, 6 May 2021 sitting indicates that Kirumira raped female ushers who worked at his Brian White Foundation, denied them access to their families and treated them with brutality.

“One of the victims, Vivian Mutanda told the committee that Kirumira treated girls as his property. He took their mobile phones; he would have sex with each one of them as he wanted without protection and did not allow them to contact their families,” said MP Agnes Taaka, the vice committee chairperson of the committee.

Taaka added that the security agencies were not of help to the girls and the rescue operation often protecting Kirumira.

“When Nandawula was being rescued, the Assistant Superintendent of Police, made a desperate call to the Assistant Inspector General of Police [AIGP] informing him that there is a car with armed policemen that followed the rescue party. The AIGP asked them to divert their route twice but they were followed and thus the AIGP directed them to drive towards the police headquarters in Naguru where Nandawula was finally picked and taken to the shelter,” read the report in part.

This infuriated MPs who accused the Uganda Police Force and its sister agencies for misusing their mandate in defending a perpetrator while denying victims justice.

“When Police is on the side of the culprit and the culprit is enjoying impunity, it is absurd. Brian is treated as a VIP in this country but when I look at the order of precedence, I don’t see him on the list’” said MP Michael Timuzigu (NRM, Kajara County).

Mitooma District Woman MP, Jovah Kamateeka said the security situation in the country was appalling as those mandated with protecting the citizens side with the criminals.

“Our hearts break seeing these young girls that are being taken advantage of, and having police looking on. Who knows how many people Kirumira has raped?” Kamateeka said.

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Kamateeka added that this investigation should be an eye opener to government that such crimes are happening in the country “We have been advocating for shelters because when such victims report to police, they cannot go back home,” said Kamateeka.

Parliament was informed that some security agencies guarding Kirumira include the Presidential Police Guard and Special Forces Command (SFC) which legislators said was damaging to the image of the President.

“I consider the SFC to be a preserve of the Fountain of Honour  – the Head of State, why are you desecrating the image?” Speaker Rebecca Kadaga asked.

Parliament wants government to empower the NGO Bureau to monitor the operations of the NGOs in order to crack down those carrying out illegal activities such as the Brian White Foundation which has diverted from its original mandate of caring for children’s welfare.

Parliament urged the Police to issue restraining orders to prevent Kirumira from contacting the girls and their families whose rights were allegedly violated by him.