Uganda’s Premier Nabbanja terminates Kyegegwa road contractor

Uganda's Premier Nabbanja terminates Kyegegwa road contractor
PEKASA Contractors contract has been terminated over shoddy works

Kyegegwa, Uganda | URN | Uganda Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has ordered the termination of the contract of a 42-kilometre road.

The 1.8 Billion Shillings road that connects from Kakabara sub county in Kyegegwa district to Nabingola in Mubende was constructed under the Development Response to Displacement Impact Project (DRDIP). The program that is under the Office of the Prime Minister is intended to support refugee hosting communities.

During a tour of the DRDIP projects in Kyegegwa district on Saturday 18, September 2021, Kyegegwa district leaders told Nabbanja that the contractor PEKASA Contractors was supposed to complete the works in September, but the road has not been completed six months after the signing of the contract.

They also argued that the road was impassable, narrow and without culverts.

John Kisoke, the LCV chairperson requested that UNRA takes over the road. He also said that attempts to have the contractor rectify the defects have been futile.

Kisoke told Nabbanja that the contractor had so far been paid 700 Million Shillings. The complaints from the leaders forced the premier to order for the immediate termination of the contract.

Nabbanja also faulted the leaders for not supervising government projects which have given room to shoddy work.

Nabbanja said she will send a team of engineers from her office to take measurements of the road and also test the quality of murram used on the road. She added that if they don’t meet the expected standards, the contractor and supervisor of the project will be apprehended.

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Hillary Onek, the Minister for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees said that his office has received reports of irregularities committed by district officials implementing the DRDIP projects. He said that the officials demand 10 percent of the money before they award the contract.

The managing director of PEKASA Contractors, George Sande declined to comment on the delays.

On the issue of shoddy works, he said according to the Bills of Quantities, the carriage way of the road is supposed to be 4.5, while the width is 7 meters, which the district officials are against.