Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store launches segment featuring current affairs

Alex Muhangi, Martha Kay, Anne Kansiime and Pablo during Episode 5 of The Chill.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Comedy Store Uganda has a new segment titled ‘The Chill’ where a panel of comedians will be tackling current affairs but this time with a good dose of humour, its proprietor Alex Muhangi said on November 30, 2021.

Muhangi will host a set of celebrities, mostly comedians, to dissect events that made headlines in the previous week namely, entertainment, celebrity gossip, funny news items, issues in parliament, policy and more.

The guests would give their honest and witty opinion on the different topics usually with a less serious approach from mainstream media.

“Our fans will enjoy The Chill,” he said. There’s a lot of happening in the country, and it all cannot be accommodated in the comedians’ sets while they do the typical stand-up, according to Muhangi.

He adds; “It will be the everyday stories you watch on TV or read in the papers but this time, it’s the comedians weighing in. So, they will be milking every humor they can find.”

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On the latest Episode, the fifth, Muhangi is joined by a lineup of seasoned comedians – Anne Kansiime and Kenneth Kimuli ‘Pablo’, as well as socialite and entertainer, Martha Kay. They delve into a hearty conversation on recent events in their lives and other news items.

Previous episodes of ‘The Chill’ which are available on Alex Muhangi’s YouTube channel have featured comedians like Amooti Omubalanguzi, Patrick Salvado, ,Mariachi, Collins ‘Emeka’, Sesabat, Kalela, Akite Agnes among others.

Comedy Store is one of the most popular entertainment events that has negatively been hit by COVID-19 lockdown measures that have not spared other sectors like education and sports.

With this new programme ‘The Chill’, its supporters will be kept active as President Yoweri Museveni reopens the entire country next month.