Do you want to buy a bulldozer? Here is what to consider before buying

Do you want to buy a bulldozer? Here is what to consider before buying

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | When it comes to buying a bulldozer, most people have little or no clue what to look for. They are worried about the price but there is a lot more that goes into making the right decision to buy a bulldozer.

Here are some tips on what to look for before buying a bulldozer:

Check the undercarriage

One must always put into consideration the undercarriage of a bulldozer based on the terrain and environment you wish to operate on. The most common undercarriage includes Standard and Heavy Duty. A standard undercarriage is more suitable for construction, landscaping and similar works. It needs improvement on oil-seals to lengthen their lifespan and durability.

Heavy Duty, on the other hand, has all the features of a standard undercarriage but has enhanced components such as steel plating for maximum strength. They are mostly used in rough terrains such as rocky or sloped environments. Before buying a bulldozer one has to know exactly which terrain they will work on.

Check the hydraulics and the attachments

One should check and confirm that the hydraulics and the attachments are working smoothly before buying a bulldozer. The controls should be easy to manage and the attachments and the hydraulics should be fast enough. Mostly check that the rippers and the blades are functioning properly.

Availability of spare parts

Ensure that your dealer has all the specific parts that go into the dozer during mainteinance and repairs. It will also be a good thing if your dealer can offer you services such as maintenance, support and warranties.

It is highly advisable to buy a bulldozer from a trusted vendor and to ensure that the terms and process of the warranty are clearly outlined.

It is important to realize that it is hard to fix a problem on a dozer so always make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to maintenance and fixing of the bulldozer.

Size of the bulldozer

One has to know the size of the bulldozer they need. Do you want a small bulldozer or a big bulldozer? It is easier to transport a small bulldozer. one has to know exactly what you need from the bulldozer before you decide on the size. the size of a bulldozer also determines the suitability of the ground one plans to work on.

Do you want to buy a bulldozer? Here is what to consider before buying

Check the hours on the bulldozer

This mostly applies when one is buying a used bulldozer. A bulldozer with 5,000 hours can still have a useful life span but always make sure the undercarriage and the engine have been replaced before you buy it. As long as an old bulldozer has been maintained well, you can still use it for a long time.


This is a huge issue, especially on construction sites. When buying new heavy equipment you need to make sure that the attachments are up to the latest standards. One needs to ensure that they are guidelines on how to operate the equipment especially if one has not operated the machine before.

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When it comes to used equipment, ensure that there are no specific off-book modes that will affect the safety or usability of the equipment. It is always good to ask the previous owner the specific mode of operation he/she used on the device. Also, ensure there is no wear and tear on the safety features of the bulldozer.

Check the cost

Whether one is buying a used or a new bulldozer, it is good to ensure that you get the total value of what you are buying. Used equipment is most likely to cost less but one must make certain they are buying it from a trusted vendor and it is in good condition. A new dozer is relatively more expensive but if properly maintained it can be a great asset.

The main difference between the two is that a used equipment has a few dents here and there (cosmetic flaws) but such minor issues are not bound to affect the bulldozer’s performance.