Ailing Mukono MP Nambooze given green light to travel to US for treatment

Ailing Mukono MP Nambooze given green light to travel to US for treatment
Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among visits Betty Nambooze at Lubaga Hospital

Mukono, Uganda | URN | Mukono municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Betty Bakireke Nambooze has been cleared by the Medical Board to travel to the United States for treatment.

The breakthrough comes after the intervention of the Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among who directed the Medical Board to fast-track her clearance as she needed urgent attention.

For more than two weeks now, Nambooze has been confined to Lubaga Hospital, where she was rushed after numerous falls at her home in Mukono. Speaking to this publication from her hospital bed, Nambooze said she will travel to US for treatment next week.

Nambooze suffered grave injuries to her back in 2017 during a scuffle that emerged in the House while Parliament debated the controversial constitutional amendment bill that aimed at lifting the presidential age limit. She was back then taken to India where she underwent surgery.

Although she was supposed to go back to India after three months for review, the Medical Board, a government body charged with clearing anybody seeking treatment out of the country refused to clear her.

“For three years I have asked, I have begged, I have involved other people to ask on my behalf but they refused to clear me. They say they sit only once a month to handle all the cases but every time, they find one reason or another not to clear you. It’s not only me who has suffered at the hands of these people but also many other Ugandans including those who can pay for themselves,” Nambooze said.

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She added that if she had been allowed to go back for review her condition wouldn’t have deteriorated to the current level. Asked about her current medical condition, Nambooze said she is suffering from a condition called Peripheral neuropathy.

This is a condition which is a result of damage to the nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord. According to, this condition often causes weakness, numbness and pain usually in the hands and feet. It can also affect other areas and body functions including digestion, urination and circulation.

To Nambooze, this condition has caused excruciating pain which requires her to be given strong painkillers every after three hours. It is also causing her sight problems, affecting the ability of the body to control temperature and also stability. It is the lack of balance that has been making her fall.

Nambooze said that although she is happy that Anita’s interventions are paying off, she would not settle until those who caused her suffering have been held accountable.