Boda boda riders given 3 days ultimatum to process driving licenses

Uganda police to arrest drivers, conductors without vaccination cards
Assistant Superintendent of Police-ASP Faridah Nampiima

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The Traffic Police have given boda boda riders a three day ultimatum to process driving licenses and procure crash helmets or else face arrest starting from Thursday 12, January 2023.

Assistant Superintendent of Police-ASP, Faridah Nampiima, the Traffic police spokesperson said a number of boda boda riders were arrested last week for lacking driving licenses and crash helmets.

Nampiima said from January 1st to January 8th, Traffic Police operations against offenders of road rules and regulations led to arrest of 730 motorcyclists who did not have crash helmets, 292 were arrested for not having driving licenses, while 179 were apprehended for carrying two or more passengers.

Siraje Mutyaba, the boda boda leader for Kampala Central Division, said they have sensitized riders about respecting road rules and they will not feel sorry for anyone who will be arrested for lacking a driving license or crash helmets.

Mutyaba said for the last two years, they have been partnering with police and driving schools to help boda boda riders get driving licenses and also educating them against riding without crash helmets and not carrying more than one passenger.

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“We cannot keep begging people to respect traffic rules. We have done our best to help them and it is now time for them to face the police. We shall not feel pity for anyone. We have done our part to help boda boda riders,” said Mutyaba.

Other than motorcyclists arrested in the first week of this New Year, Traffic Police in total arrested 9,580 offenders. These include 1,518 for reckless driving, 2,008 for driving vehicles in dangerous mechanical conditions, 852 drivers had no permits, 507 were arrested for speeding, 602 for not wearing seat-belts, not respecting road signs 477 and 196 for speaking on phone while driving.

Meanwhile, road accidents recorded in the first week of the new year were 340 involving 324 victims of which 79 people died. Other 245 people are in various hospitals nursing injuries sustained in boda boda, taxi and bus accidents.