District officials and Mbale police clash over Malukhu land

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Uganda Police Force on patrol

Mbale, Uganda | URN | A dispute has arisen between the police in Mbale City Industrial Division and the Mbale District Local Government over land in Malukhu. The disputed land measures half an acre and is located opposite the old Mbale district offices near, the Inzu ya Masaba Cultural Institution in Malukhu Ward in the Mbale City Industrial division.

According to Rogers Taitika, the Elgon Region Police Spokesperson, the police want to evict all people who have occupied the land and reclaim it since they have the titles. He stated that local administration Police personnel who stayed and operated on the land from the 1980s were integrated into Uganda Police in 2003 and left everything, including buildings.

“It is surprising to see that people have occupied the land and engaged in agricultural activities while occupying the structures left behind by the police,” he said. He, however, notes that it is absurd that Mbale District Local Government is now claiming ownership of the land after receiving information that the police want to displace the illegal squatters.

On the other hand, Tom Musungu, the Mbale District Communication Officer, asserts that the land belongs to the Mbale District Local Government since they have the titles.

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He added that the district only gave the land to the local administration police to conduct security work and assist its officers in collecting graduated tax in the past.

Toney Wamakale, the Mbale District LC V Vice Chairperson, says that Uganda Police Force cannot claim ownership of the disputed land since it was only given to them for their operations.