Kato Lubwama to be honoured at the National Theatre

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Uganda National Theatre Building in Kampala, Uganda. Courtesy Photo.

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The body of the fallen drama artist Paul Kato Lubwama shall lay at the National Theatre in Kampala on Monday 12th June for his fellow artists and lovers of art to pay their last respects.

Kato Lubwama known to many as Uncle Kato, breathed his last in the wee hours of Wednesday 7, June 2023 morning.

He reportedly suffered a heart attack after news reached him that the court had remanded one of his friends, former Kawempe South Member of Parliament Mubaraka Munyagwa to prison. The deceased had a history of heart relatedness illness and was previously treated in India and Turkey.

His death came as a surprise because at the time of his passing, the family says, he seemed fine and had no complaints. In fact, on Tuesday 6th, hours before his death, Kato Lubwama had been interviewed by a crew from Spark TV where he talked about a show, he was organizing for later this year. He looked healthy and threw punches in the air, in the typical comical Kato Lubwama way, demonstrating how he can finish off someone.

After the news of his passing broke, arrangements for his funeral kicked off with several artists including Mariam Ndagire, Abbey Mukiibe, Andrew Benon Kibuuka, Mesach Ssemakuma, and Musa, Male among others gathering at his home in Mutundwe, Lubaga Division in Kampala.

Musician Mesach Ssemakula, who is part of the funeral organizing committee, says that Kato’s body shall be transferred to his home in Mutundwe on Friday where mourners are already convening to pray and pay their last respects. The body shall be taken to the National Theatre on Monday where the deceased shall be remembered for his contribution to the art and creative industry.

Ssemakula says that on Tuesday 12, June 2023, the body shall be taken to Lubaga Cathedral and later to Nkozi village in Mpigi District where the deceased shall be laid to rest on Wednesday. Ssemakula eulogized the deceased, describing him as an open-minded person who dared to voice his thoughts and a multitalented artist who has mentored several artists and actors.

Kato Lubwama also known as “Biiso” for his big eyes was a multifaceted artist who engaged in acting, songwriting and singing, playwriting, and directing music and plays among others. For his talent, he became a household name, appearing in different plays on television and presenting on CBS, one of the prominent radio stations in the country following its establishment in 1996.

Andrew Benon Kibuuka, another creative artiste who has worked with Kato Lubwama in the art and creative industry, says that the deceased has been a multitalented person who had art at heart, always creating content, grooming talent, and ensuring the growth of the industry.

In 2016, Kato Lubwama, a member of the Democratic Party-DP contested for the Lubaga North parliamentary seat, beating the incumbent Ken Lukyamuzi. But Kibuuka says that even when he held legislative duties, he was never too busy to perform, always setting aside suites to wear a raged costume demanded to perform on stage.

Another renowned artist, Sam Bagenda famously known as Dr. Bbosa also speaks of the loss the art and creative industry has suffered with the passing of Kato Lubwama whom he referred to as an accomplished actor who had a great passion for art. He described the uniqueness of the deceased as a multitalented person who often used satire to put across very important messages.

Born on August 16th,1970, Kato Lubwama bows out after more than thirty years in the art and creative industry. He shall be remembered for different works of art including his performance in the play “The Divided Family – Amaka Mubuwanganguse,” which earned him the title of Best Actor of the Year at the National Cultural Centre.

Kato Lubwama, for his contribution to the creative industry, was on Heroes Day in 2017, honored with a medal from the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni alongside Sam Bagenda, Fred Ssebatta, Abbey Mukiibi, and posthumously, Elly Wamala, and Paulo Kafeero.