Chinese national arrested for conning Ugandans billions in online gaming scam

Chinese national arrested for conning Ugandans billions in online gaming scam

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Yinghe Chen 43, a Chinese national has been arrested for fleecing Ugandans more than 4.5 billion Shillings in an online sports betting scam. Chen was arrested by the detectives from Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) after the national cyber taskforce traced his residence.

Polly Namaye, the Deputy Police Spokesperson, said Chen was arrested on Friday 23, June 2023 from UCB Zone, Bukoto 1, Nakawa Division, in Kampala. The suspect running a cyber-gaming company dubbed Acclaim BLQ Sports SMC with its five subsidiary companies duped more than 6,000 Ugandans.

BLQ convinced Ugandans to bet and save online and posted on Telegram sarcastically thanking them for being fooled. “You Ugandans thank you, you have been fooled but I am coming with another trick after this money is over.”

After that message, the national cyber task force led by CID in collaboration with Crime Intelligence (CI), ISO, ESO, CMI, Bank of Uganda, NIRA, NITA Uganda, and Uganda Banker Association decided to work together to trace the culprit.

Others arrested over the scam include Mary Awori who is said to be the wife to Chen, Justine Akoth Oboth, Mary Achola Mary, and Shamim Biira.

BLQ worked under the slogan “You lose, You win” which police say convinced Ugandans that online betting was the real deal. Namaye said CID is working closely with DPP to ensure that Chen is produced to the court.

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“The Police take these public interest cases very seriously and we encourage all members of the public who have useful information relating to this investigation to share it with the nearest Police,” Namaye said.

Although police said Ugandans lost 4.5 billion Shillings, earlier reports showed at least 60 billion Shillings as the number of victims kept increasing. The complaints overwhelmed most police stations in Kampala.

Ugandans have been fleeced billions of shillings in ponzi scams ranging from fake savings and credit companies, overseas and online jobs, gold deals, as well as online shopping for clothes and other electronic devices.