6 killed, 8 injured in Kyabazinga’s royal wedding convoy accident

Police intensifies traffic patrols along highways to curb accidents
Road accident

Jinja, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | In a heart-wrenching turn of events on Saturday, November 18, 2023, tragic accident marred the celebratory atmosphere of the Kyabazinga’s royal wedding. Six individuals lost their lives, and eight others sustained fatal injuries in a devastating motorcade accident.

The somber incident unfolded during the Kyabazinga’s journey from Budhumbula in Kamuli to Bugembe in Jinja, where spectators, eager to catch a glimpse of the procession, found themselves in harm’s way.

The unfortunate accident happened at Nawantumbi, situated 20km from Kamuli, when a Super Custom vehicle, bearing registration number UAZ 742U and part of the Kyabazinga‘s royal wedding convoy, lost control and collided with the awaiting crowd. Some of the victims had inadvertently wandered into the road, adding to the severity of the collision.

Prompted by the devastating accident, the police swiftly launched an investigation to unravel the circumstances leading to this tragedy.

The aftermath saw the deceased transported to Kamuli General Hospital for postmortem examinations, while the injured received medical attention at various private health facilities within Kamuli district.

However, the rescue operation faced challenges, as highlighted by Issa Mugabi, a local vendor, who emphasized the difficulties arising from crowded roads and the absence of timely ambulance services. The congested roads and lack of proper traffic control hampered the evacuation process, resulting in grievous consequences.

Deborah Nambi, an eyewitness, underscored the pressing need for enhanced traffic management in Nawantumbi, a narrow section of the highway prone to accidents. She also brought attention to the struggles faced by UPDF royal guards, who, despite attempts to manage the traffic, were overwhelmed by the surging crowds.

The incident further spotlighted a critical issue at Kamuli General Hospital’s emergency ward, where a shortage of available blood, matching one of the victim’s blood types, may have contributed to the loss of one casualty.

Michael Kasadha, the spokesperson for Busoga North’s police, confirmed the initiation of investigations into the cause of the accident, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the need for a comprehensive understanding of the events leading to this tragic occurrence.

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Meanwhile, Jovia Mutesi has entered the realm of royalty, sealing her union with the monarch by saying “I do” in a momentous church ceremony steeped in century-old Anglican traditions and regal grandeur. This historic event marks her as Busoga’s 5th queen.

In a unique celebration coinciding with his father-in-law Stanley Bayoole’s 49th birthday, 35-year-old William Gabula Nadiope IV achieved a milestone as the first-ever king to be wedded at the Busoga Diocesan’s revered headquarters, Christ’s Church Cathedral in Jinja City’s Bugembe Township.

The ceremony unfolded at precisely 1:43 pm on November 18, 2023, as the world witnessed the coronation of the latest wedded king. William Gabula Nadiope IV and Jovia Mutesi exchanged vows, and almost 10 minutes later, the couple sealed their commitment with the sacred exchange of rings—a timeless symbol of eternal unity.