Jilted husband kills wife over Shs 2,000 received from suspected lover

Jilted husband kills wife over Shs 2,000 received from suspected lover

Namutumba, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | A 30-year-old man, Alifari Omaga in Namutumba District in eastern Uganda, is on the run following the death of his 24-year-old wife, Margret Mayo.

A fight allegedly erupted between the couple on Monday 18, December 2023 morning over Shs 2,000. The incident occurred in Nakawano village, Kizuba sub-county, Namutumba District. Reports suggest that Omaga first accused Mayo of infidelity due to her failure to account for the source of Shs 2,000.

Omaga allegedly believed the money originated from a romantic relationship, which Mayo supposedly used for her lover’s meals in their damaged cooking pot.

The situation escalated during the early hours of Monday morning, prompting intervention by Logose Esuka, the village women’s council chairperson. After a heated argument, Omaga temporarily left their home to cool down.

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However, upon returning, a struggle ensued, leading to Mayo’s death. Omaga allegedly covered her body in their marital bed before fleeing into hiding. Esuka discovered Mayo’s lifeless body around 10:00 am when led area residents to check on her.

Isa Gulere, the area youth councilor, highlighted the couple’s history of fighting despite efforts from religious and local leaders to reconcile them.

Gulere expressed concern about rising domestic violence cases among young couples due to a lack of guidance from elders, many of whom come from broken families.