Ugandans must provide old national IDs for new ones in mass registration, says NIRA

Uganda plans to collect, capture DNA data of citizens on new national IDs

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | The National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) is contemplating a new measure requiring Ugandans to submit their old national IDs before receiving new ones in the upcoming mass registration.

The latest national IDs will feature new elements, including DNA information, as NIRA embarks on the enrollment process to replace IDs issued 10 years ago, which are set to expire this year.

Addressing journalists in Kampala, NIRA spokesperson, Osbone Mushabe said that the proposal aims to address challenges arising from the loss, misplacement, or misuse of national IDs as collateral for loans.

He emphasized the importance of possessing a national ID for accessing government and other essential services, urging those who have lost their national IDs to replace them promptly to avoid complications during the renewal exercise.

“It is important to know that it very risky for any citizen out there not to be having a national ID at this moment yet it is crucial in accessing key government services or even other services like banking among others,” Mushabe said.

“Our maiden call to all Ugandans who have lost their national IDs to have them replaced as soon as possible to avert any challenges that may arise during the mass renewal exercise since the old cards will be required for one to get a new one,” he added.

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He however said this is still a proposal that awaits clearance.

Mushabe also warned Ugandans against using national IDs as collateral for acquiring loans, especially from moneylenders, noting it is illegal

“Therefore it is prudent for such people to stop using their IDs in such away such that when the mass exercise starts all citizens have their old cards which will be handed over.”