Ugandan man chops nephew to pieces, forces wife to cook remains

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Ntungamo, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Police in Ntungamo District have arrested a 34-year-old man  for gruesomely dismembering his 9-year-old nephew and instructing his wife to cook the remains.

The shocking incident took place on Sunday, January 14, when the suspect allegedly committed the heinous act and handed over the body parts of his elder brother’s son to his wife in a saucepan.

Upon discovering the disturbing truth, the suspect’s wife raised an alarm, alerting area residents. They arrived at the scene and positively identified the deceased child, leading to the arrest of the accused individual.

Following the horrifying incident, the suspect was promptly arrested and is currently in police custody.

According to Rubaare Sub-County District Councillor John Kabeho, the suspect committed the brutal murder while his wife was away from home.

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“The suspect was left home with the child while his wife and his child went to church. When the wife returned from church, her husband told her that he had bought some meat and it was in a sauce pan in the kitchen. He instructed the wife to cook it immediately because he was hungry,” said Mr. Kabeho.

“When the wife entered the kitchen, she found chopped pieces of human meat in the pan,” he added.

The investigations into the incident are currently underway, and as the Councillor noted, the suspect has a documented history of mental instability.