DNA tests link Molly Katanga to alleged murder weapon in husband’s death

Court issues arrest warrant for Molly Katanga in husband's murder case
The late Henry Katanga with his wife Molly. The couple had been married for nearly 30 years.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | According to forensic and DNA analyses presented to Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Molly Katanga allegedly shot and killed her husband Henry Katanga on November 2, 2023.

The prosecution claims that Molly’s DNA was found on the trigger, and the recovered cartridges matched the pistol at the crime scene. The DPP argues there is no valid defense, intending to use postmortem reports, forensic analyses, phone printouts, and scene-of-crime reports as evidence.

Chief Magistrate Erias Kakooza issued an arrest warrant against Molly on Monday, following a prosecution request led by Jonathan Muwaganya. The warrant is based on completed investigations, despite claims of Molly’s alleged sickness.

The court order instructs the police to bring Molly, reportedly bedridden, to court by February 12. Molly, Patricia Kakwanza, and Martha Nkwanzi face murder and evidence tampering charges, while George Amanyire and Charles Otai are accused of being accessories to murder.

Molly’s lawyers cited recent surgeries and hospitalization for her medical condition, but the magistrate proceeded with the arrest warrant. The evidence suggests Molly and the deceased had concerns about safety, with Henry changing phone passwords and acquiring a new private line.

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Allegedly, Molly and Henry had dinner on November 1, 2023, but a loud blast in the early hours of November 2 led to the discovery of a blood pool. Nkwanzi and Kakwanzi arrived, with Kakwanzi driving Molly to Bugolobi Medical Center.

The documents allege that the accused, except Amanyire, returned home, closed themselves in the master bedroom, and later instructed him to move the deceased’s body before Otai reported a suicide case to the police.