Eduskill Uganda graduates 46 students in data analytics

Eduskill Uganda graduates 46 students in data analytics
Eduskill Uganda graduates display their well-earned certificates, symbolizing their expertise in data analytics after completing the rigorous 60-day online training program.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Eduskill Uganda recently marked a significant milestone with the graduation of 46 students from its intensive 60-day online data analytics training program.

The graduation ceremony held on 27th January, 2024 at Silver Spring Hotel Bugolobi in Kampala, showcased the proficiency of the graduating class in various subjects crucial for a successful career in data analytics.

The comprehensive curriculum covered a wide range of key areas, including the fundamentals of data analytics, basic and advanced Excel, Power BI, Python programming, statistics for data analytics, and effective communication practices in data analytics.

Apart from the data analytics cohort, Eduskill Uganda also acknowledged the achievements of another group of students who completed the full stack programming course.

Eduskill Uganda graduates 46 students in data analytics
Eduskill Uganda is providing an employment solution with the Data Analytics which is a skill needed today. 

Shivani Jobanputra, the Director at Pic-Ed Company Limited, expressed immense pride in each graduate for their dedication and commitment throughout the training program. She emphasized the institution’s goal of equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of data analytics.

The certificates awarded by Symbiosis International University add an international dimension to Eduskill Uganda’s training programs, reflecting their global recognition and credibility as a partner institute. Symbiosis University’s involvement enriches the educational journey of Eduskill Uganda’s students by providing a global perspective.

Eduskill Uganda graduates 46 students in data analytics
Mr. Omega Baingana, the Legal Officer at the Federation of Uganda Employers, presents a certificate to one of the graduates during the ceremony.

“We invite all passionate individuals who are ready to embark on a transformative learning journey to join our upcoming cohort,” said Nigi Ambrose, the Business Development Manager at Eduskill Uganda.

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In the context of the rapidly evolving digital landscape in Uganda, experts emphasize the exciting opportunities that the future of data analytics presents for businesses. Emerging technologies and trends in data analytics are reshaping how organizations operate and make data-driven decisions.

Eduskill Uganda graduates 46 students in data analytics
Mr. Richard D. Mubiru (Left): People who engage into Data Analytics get into Business Straight away.

For instance, in the healthcare sector, data analytics can be utilized to analyze patient records, identify patterns in diseases, and enhance healthcare delivery. In finance, data analytics plays a crucial role in fraud detection, risk management, and personalizing customer experiences.

E-commerce businesses, too, can leverage data analytics to analyze customer behavior, optimize pricing strategies, and enhance marketing campaigns.

The success of Eduskill Uganda’s graduating class underscores the effectiveness of their training programs in preparing individuals for the dynamic landscape of data analytics.