Man detained after unzipping, rubbing genitals on a woman aboard Nile Star bus

Sexual assault on Nile Star bus
Nile Star bus.

Pakwach, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Police in Pakwach District have detained Ivan Mungungeyo on allegation of sexually assaulting a female passenger on a Nile Star bus.

Mr. Mungungeyo, from Wampewo Kasawe Zone, Kasangati Town Council in Wakiso District, was taken into custody on Sunday 9, June 2024 after the victim, Judith Jurua Tracy, 21, reported the incident at the Pakwach Police Station.

Mr. Mungungeyo has denied the allegations, claiming his trouser zip was accidentally open.

Josephine Angucia, the West Nile region police spokesperson, detailed that the incident took place on Saturday night in Kichobonyobo village, Masindi District. Both the suspect and the victim were traveling on a Nile Star bus (registration number UBF 691T) from Kampala to Arua.

“The territorial police of Pakwach District are investigating an allegation of indecent assault of a lady by a man, both passengers in a night bus with registration number UBF 691T while in transit from Kampala to Arua City. This allegedly happened around Kichobonyobo village in Masindi District,” Angucia stated.

Initial reports reveal that the victim was initially seated at number 21 with another female passenger. However, after the bus reached Luwero, the other female passenger disembarked, and the seat was reassigned to Mr. Mungungeyo.

Angucia reported that while the bus was moving, Mr. Mungungeyo allegedly began touching the victim’s thigh and unzipped, rubbing his genitals on the victim’s sweater.

“At around Kichobonyobo village in Masindi, the suspect unzipped and released his ‘member’ and rubbed it on the victim’s sweater, which annoyed her and she made an alarm in the bus,” police said.

The victim left her seat and went in front to sit on the conductors’ seat. She narrated to the bus conductor and touts what her male seatmate had done.

Mr. Mungungeyo reportedly denied the allegation and claimed that he forgot to zip up his trouser and that’s why his penis was out.

On arrival at Pakwach, the bus operators tipped police, who promptly took the public nuisance into custody.

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A case of indecent assault was opened at Pakwach Police Station and statements were recorded from the complainant and other relevant witnesses.

“The suspect was detained pending investigations under Pakwach CRB 223/2024,” Josephine Angucia, the West Nile Region police spokesperson said.

Police applauded the bus operators for their vigilance on such a matter and not tolerating such indecent behaviour by reporting it for investigations and proper management.

The investigation is ongoing as authorities work to gather more evidence and testimonies regarding the incident.