INTERVIEW: Meet Zari, the mummylicious boss lady

Socialite Zari Hassan, the self proclaimed boss lady
Socialite Zari Hassan, the self proclaimed boss lady - File Photo

KD: Who is Zari? Can you please tell me about yourself.

Zari was born to Ms Halima Sultan Hassan and Nasur Hassan descents of mixed bloods including India, Toro, Somalia and Burundi in a town called Jinja. Am a mother of 3 boys, I run my own 3 companies, am artistic and I love life to the fullest.

KD: What is the secret of your success in the several fields you are engaged in?

Zari: Hard work, focus, discipline and self motivation.

KD: At what point in life did you decide to become what you are?

Zari: After my completion of my diploma in London, I decided I want to work for myself and that’s where it all began.

KD: You posted on your Facebook page that some people were doubting the genuineness of the Scholarships you gave to Buganda Kingdom.

Zari: The bursaries where awarded to Buganda Kingdom for students in Uganda who are performing well academically and it included tuition only. The Buganda Kingdom was to cater for accommodation and upkeep of students while in South Africa, some of the students after receiving their documents and visas headed to here before the final preparations of the Kingdom and on reaching here, they turned to Ugandans living here and they took advantage of the situation.

KD: Many people in Uganda know you as a young successful but controversial woman who loves to show off from the cars you drive and the parties you throw. Do you feel comfortable being portrayed like that?

Zari: Show off? I guess that is a wrong word. I’ve worked since the age of 23 and have earned everything I have or own, am just blessed to be able to afford these things so I don’t feel uncomfortable or guilty let alone care what people think.

KD: What is your comment about the rumors that made rounds that you are not very popular in the Ugandan’ community in South Africa, where you were labeled a Witch-doctor of some sort? Do you think people are just being jealous of you achievements?

Zari: The Ugandan communities in most foreign countries face the same problem; we tend not to accept that some person or people are a step ahead of us. I lived in London and it was the same thing, people disliked people who were doing better than them and in return, they start hating. I guess that is the situation am in right now.

KD: You are a Director at B.C.C. What is your own academic background?

Zari: I attended Main Street primary school which was among the top 3 biggest primary schools in Jinja. I attended Pavatiban Muljibai Madivan girls schools(formerly known as Jinja Girls senior secondary school), moved to London to pursue my diploma in cosmetology and recently completed my senior certificate in financial management and HR management.

KD: What is the source of your inspiration?

Zari: Prayers, positive thinkers and positive energy. Negative people attract the same energy.

KD: How do you manage to run a family with three children and at the same time pursue your career?

Zari: Its knowing what you want, how you want it and when you want it. You need to know what works best for you at different times, I always prioritize and my family comes first.

KD: You have joined the music scene. What should Ugandans expect from you?

Zari: I am much of a workaholic and haven’t gotten time to focus 100% on music, but Ugandans should expect a lot more of Zari as a musician and the branding that’s going to come with it.

KD: Do you have any other message for Ugandans?

Zari: Ugandans should stay safe as we have been ranked number 1 when it comes to HIV infections and the AIDS death toll still point at us, previously it was South Africa but according to the recent survey, it’s Uganda. Condomise, stick to one partner or abstain.

Interview by Dispatch