Jobs: 376 vacancies to fill – Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Jobs: 376 vacancies to fill - Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has announced that it is recruiting 376 employees to fill vacancies in different departments of the institution.

The positions are in revenue, auditing, communications, ICT, engineering, transportation, legal and other administrative fields.

“We urge all Ugandans with the requisite competencies, proven integrity, problem- solving, analytical and interpersonal skills plus the ability to handle multiple tasks to apply,” the tax collectors URA said in a statement on Monday 12, April 2021.

Majority of the vacancies, 185 of them, are for Officer Domestic Taxes. Others required are 16 administrative officers, media relations officers (2) and office attendants (25).

Submission of applications is online, on the URA website.

List of vacancies 

Position                                                                       Number             
1.Supervisor facilities management                              1
2. Supervisor human capital management                  1
3.Officer domestic taxes                                              185     
4.Officer ICT and Forensics                                            1
5. Officer procurement and disposal                            1
6. Officer revenue reconciliation                                    1             
7. Officer software engineering                                     6
8. Officer payroll                                                            1
9.Officer applications support                                       2
10.Officer database administration                              2
11.Officer business support and sys admin                11
12.Officer ICT security                                                    1
13.Officer customs                                                         39  
14.Officer records and registries                                  1
15.Officer fleet management                                        1
16.Fleet assistant                                                           52
17.Plumber technicians                                                1
18.Officer prosecution                                                   3
19.Officer board affairs                                                  2
20.Officer debt collection – cheques                          3
21.Officer debt collection – MoUs                                3
22.Officer internal audit                                                 2
23.Officer planning – internal audit                              2
24. Officer information systems audit                        2
25. Officer media relations                                            2
26. Administrative officer                                            16
27. Office attendant                                                      25