Museveni also a prostitute, says former minister Omara Atubo

Daniel Omara Atubo
Former Lands, Housing and Urban Development minister Daniel Omara Atubo. Courtesy Photo.

Former Lands, Housing and Urban Development minister Daniel Omara Atubo has hit back at President Yoweri Museveni for describing opposition politicians as prostitutes.

A section of the media quoted Museveni recently telling mourners at the vigil of the late John Ssebaana Kizito, the former Mayor of Kampala that unlike many opposition politicians he knows, the fallen former Democratic Party leader wasn’t a political prostitute.

“Most of the opposition politicians here and elsewhere are just ‘eaters’ and political prostitutes who sell themselves to willing buyers. But the late Ssebaana, who I first met in I955 when I was in Primary three, is different…,” Museveni was quoted as having said.

Museveni’s remarks haven’t gone down well with his former Lands, Housing and Urban Development minister, who describes the statement as the most insulting and revealing from the Head of State. He argues that for prostitution to take place, there must be a willing buyer and a willing seller, both of whom are prostitutes.

Speaking in his native Lango language, Atubo said that as President Museveni belittles and brands opposition politicians as prostitutes, he should also consider himself the number one political prostitute bent on using money to buy these political prostitutes.

“Mr. Museveni should not play a role of a saint because it is him who has been buying the said political prostitutes” he said.

According to Atubo, Museveni developed hatred for political parties when he miserably lost the 1980 elections. Adding that soon after capturing power in 1986, Museveni banned all political party activities, which explains how much he hated political parties.

He says the president has also repeatedly expressed his hatred against the leading opposition parties including the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and Democratic Party (DP).

Atubo, who represented former Otuke County in parliament from the days of the constituent Assembly until 2011 when he lost the election, says Museveni declared war on political parties using all means available after the 2016 general elections.

“After successfully rigging the 2016 general elections President Museveni declared war to kill all political parties using all available means,” he said.

He argues that the opposition political parties, which Museveni despises very much, are a very important component of democracy since they provide an avenue for a peaceful change of power. Atubo urges President Museveni to respect himself as the Fountain of Honor in whom high standards of behavior, language, morality and integrity are expected.

The former UPC stalwart crossed to the ruling National Resistance Movement party in 2006. President, Museveni appointed him Lands, Housing and Urban Development Minister before he was dropped in a reshuffle. Atubo lost to UPC’s Fr. Jacinto Ogwal in 2011 and withdrew from public life to concentrate on his law firms.

In 2015, the Otuke NRM party leadership expelled Atubo for bashing the party chairman, when he started hitting at Museveni.  It came after Atubo addressed a press conference accusing Museveni of using lies to win political favors in Lango region.