President Museveni suggests lining up in NRM primaries

President Museveni suggests lining up in NRM primaries
Peter Abraham Lokii, NRM Flag bearer for Kotido MP seat campaigns in Kotido with President Museveni on Sunday

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party is considering conducting its primary elections by lining up behind candidates to avert division in the party.

President Yoweri Museveni who also doubles as the NRM party chairperson disclosed this on Sunday at Lomukura grounds in Kotido municipality while canvassing support for NRM candidates.

The NRM candidate for the Kotido municipality MP seat is Peter Abraham Lokii while the mayoral candidate is Ismael Muhammad Lomuar. However, the NRM party members in Kotido municipality are split following complaints of irregularities in the primaries.

While NRM declared Peter Abraham Lokii, the official party candidate for the municipality MP seat, his rival Jean Mark Aporu contests the primary election results citing ballot stuffing and other irregularities. As a result of the numerous complaints, Museveni says may be forced to bring back lining up behind candidates.

Museveni also dismissed claims that the opposition seems to be gaining ground in Kotido.

Unlike other districts of Karamoja where only NRM fields candidates, Kotido Municipality has candidates from opposition parties for both MP and Mayoral elections. The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party and People’s Progressive Party have fronted Moses Oriono Okot and Emmanuel Keem respectively for the parliamentary seat

Calistas Adome Lokwi is the FDC mayoral candidate while Daniel Abual Kapel is running on the PPP ticket. Both seats have NRM leaning independents including Jean Mark Aporu for MP and Henry Evans Kubal for mayor.

While NRM took 230 slots in the just concluded LC1 polls, FDC also took 20 slots. Even in the ongoing Kotido Municipal elections, FDC has secured 21 councilors unopposed. Electoral Commission has set Friday 27 July for the Kotido Municipality polls.