KCCA closes Jibu water factory over poor hygiene

KCCA closes Jibu water factory over poor hygiene
The factory was found operating in unhygienic environment posing a risk to the consumers of the water.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has closed down Jibu Water Factory over poor hygiene.

In an operation on Friday headed by the KCCA Director of Public Health and Environment Dr Daniel Okello, all the four branches of Jibu water in Kampala were closed.

The operation started at Jibu offices on Semawata Road in Ntinda. They then proceeded to Jibu Bugoloobi on Luzira Road, Namugongo on Mukasa road and lastly Jibu Kabuusu.

All branches except that in Kabuusu had toilets inside the production room. At the Ntinda and Bugoloobi branches, the water from the tanks passed through the toilets into the production room and purification machines.

At all these facilities, Jibu pumped water from tanks outside into the water purification machines.

Cleaning of bottles was done manually using water at the sink in the processing room.

Laundry detergents were used to scrub the bottles with brushes and sponges.

The floors in the production rooms at all branches were wet while the sink where bottles are cleaned were dirty, dusty and rusty.

Dr Okello says that the water factories are unhygienic and doesn’t meet the standard manufacturing procedures, putting the consumers of the water at risk.

Dr Okello says the factory will remain closed until it demonstrates ability to meet the required standards.