7 reasons why it’s difficult for intelligent women to find the proper man

7 reasons why it’s difficult for intelligent women to find the proper man
Why men in relationships turn a blind eye to intelligent women

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | Intelligence and knowledge about things are the positive qualities that every person should have. However, being a very intelligent woman can also cause certain problems in finding the love of your life.

Different studies and researches have shown that if a woman is too intelligent then she has to face a lot of trouble before finally settling down. Many professors at the Yale University have said that the number of educated women in the world is more than that of educated men. This is also another reason for all the troubles that intelligent women have to go through.

The intellectual gap between men and women keeps on growing as few numbers of men pass out from colleges. Since the number of bright women is more, not every intelligent woman gets to settle with the man who can impress her, at the end of the day.

Many theories were forwarded regarding this issue and in order to come to a conclusion, a study was conducted by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Men want to be dominant and call the shots in a relationship. But when they are in bed with women who are very intelligent then the attraction towards them gets lower.

Hence Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin concluded that men are less attracted towards intelligent women. Given below are a few problems that intelligent women face;

1. They do not welcome wrong partners

Intelligent women do not like wasting their time on useless people. They don’t give excuses for being with the wrong person. Once they see the red flags, they get out before it is too late.

2. They hate stupid games

Women who are very intelligent do not like being a part of meaningless conversations. Things like having a sex chat, sending naked pictures online or being lied to every day is not something that they will tolerate for a long time. They are just not the ones for cheap thrills!

3. Commitment is a big issue

When it comes to a serious relationship, intelligent women are very selective. They look for many qualities in a man and they are not just interested in getting into their pants.

4. They are fine when they are alone

Every person needs to have their own personal space. An intelligent woman would never want to talk or be in touch with her partner 24×7. They like to have some alone time so that they can understand themselves better.

5. Intelligent women seem reserved

Intelligent women are very good at reading people. They may seem uninterested in conversing but they are just busy observing others. They are actually trying to figure out who you are as a person so that they don’t want to lose their precious time dating you if you are not worth it.

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6. They don’t have time for prejudice

Breaking the norms and traditions laid down by the society is one of the traits of an intelligent woman. They never listen to others unless they have a valid reason to support their claim. They always follow their heart.

7. They look for the right guy

One cannot impress intelligent women with gifts and words only. When a woman is impeccable, they expect their better half to be the same.

So, if you have been single for long, do not feel bad, for the chances are that you are a very intelligent woman who deserves only the best!

SOURCE: Mind Waft