Uganda Waragi, Wavah Water first local brands on revived Uganda Airlines

Uganda Waragi, Wavah Water first local brands on revived Uganda Airlines
Excitement as Uganda Airlines jetliners takes off to the skies again after twenty years

Kampala, Uganda | URN | People choosing to travel with Uganda Airlines have an option to choose among several local brands for their drinks and eats while inflight.

Among the first brands on the national carrier is Uganda Waragi, a local gin made by Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL). The gin is classified as a hard drink by the Airline.

Wavah Water, owned by businessman Gordon Wavamuno, has a 300ml small bottle, specifically bottled for the Airline.

Jesa Yoghurt, the brand associated with Jesa Farm Dairy Limited of the Mulwana Group, is also a permanent fixture on the revived national carrier.

Lato Milk, a brand by the Mbarara-based Pearly Dairy Farms Limited, is also a big feature on the Uganda Airlines’ customers’ menu.

Proponents of starting the national carrier argued that with it, Ugandan brands would benefit from a chance to be served in-flight.

In this, they would also be known by non-Ugandans who choose to fly with the national carrier.

But there are other brands that didn’t make it, including juice – which is served prominently on the airline.

In this area, the airline is serving Kenyan brand Pick N’ Peel. Asked why Ugandan products were not chosen here, a cabin crew said, their quality was not up the level they needed.

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Local juice makers will have to up their game to make it to the airline.

Kwezi Tabaro, Ugandan who flew to Nairobi on Wednesday 28th, August 2019 using Uganda Airlines, said he wished coffee and juice was also made in Uganda.

An airline staff told this publication that they were served by different handlers who prepare food and drinks to serve.

This means when they are departing from Kenya, the service provider there will likely put Kenyan brands on-board.