Uganda police warns parents on new tricks used by child kidnappers

Uganda police warns parents on new tricks used by child kidnappers
Kampala police spokesperson Patrick Onyango

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Uganda Police Force have expressed concern over rising incidents of children being kidnapped in the presence of their parents or caretakers and asked public to be aware of the new tricks being used.

In the last two months, at least six children have been kidnapped from homes or at churches in the company of their parents or house maids. These incidents occurred in Wakiso, Kireka and Kyebando.

The latest incident where a child was kidnapped from home using such tricks happened last week in Buddo, Wakiso district, where Grace Kayendeke, 11 was taken by a stranger who tricked the maid.

Assistant Commissioner of Police – ACP Polly Namaye who is also Deputy Police Spokesperson said the stranger tricked the maid that the girl’s parents had sent him to pick her.

Police said people with ill motive will know that someone has a new maid who has probably not been briefed on how ensure safety at home. They find it easy to hoodwink the maids and grab the children.

Kayendeke’s incident came two days after a four-month old baby identified as Colette Owesige was kidnapped from her parents by a stranger who befriended them at St Thomas of Aquinas, in Kyebando, Kisalosalo.

Owesige was carried by her mother Abia Kesande accompanied by the baby’s father Ivan Niwenyesiga. The stranger asked to carry the baby, moved with it outside and returned briefly before disappearing with the child.

Four days earlier, a nine-month old baby had been stolen from her parents’ home in Nsooba Kyebando. Betty Nansereko told police and journalists that she left her child Nakabubi at home playing with other children.

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Unfortunately, a woman who she only knew by face and had visited her home several times picked the child and disappeared.

Nansereko said the woman had befriended her for some time. Since they would sometimes be seen together, neighbours did not suspect that she could actually steal the child.

Superintendent of Police –SP Patrick Onyango, also Kampala police spokesperson, urges the public to be careful with strangers who befriend them. Onyango said in case you notice a stranger trying to get close to you, be responsible enough to ask for his or her identities such as name, residence and telephone contacts.

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Three weeks ago, two children were kidnapped from their parents in Banda, Nakawa division, in Kampala. The children identified as Vincent Kalungi and Ismail Kabalu were kidnapped when a woman claimed she was taking them to attend her child’s birthday party.

Police rescued the children from Goma division, Mukono Municipality and arrested two suspects in regard to the crime. The suspects were identified as Ali Bakaaki and Golo Zarin Shamira.