Appointment of bishop Lambert Bainomugisha excites clergy, Christians

Archbishop Paul Bakyenga and the new archbishop Lambert Bainomugisha.

Mbarara, Uganda |  URN |  The clergy and Christians of the Archdiocese of Mbarara have welcomed the appointment of Lambert Bainomugisha as the new Archbishop of Mbarara.

Bishop Bainomugisha, the auxiliary Bishop of Mbarara replaces the Most Rev Paul Bakyenga who is resigning from the pastoral care of the archdiocese upon clocking the canonical age limit of 75 years.  

His appointment has been met with much excitement and hope from Christians and the clergy. 

The Vicar General of Kabale Diocese, Msgr. Silverio Twinomujuni, says that he is not surprised by the appointment of Lambert. According to Twinomujuni, Lambert has adequate experience to run the archdiocese. He also adds his appointment is a continuity of services of apostolic, education and health that he often rendered to the Archdiocese.  

Rev. Fr. Januario Owumugisha of Nyakibale Parish, says Bishop Lambert being young and experienced they expect him to develop the Archdiocese where he has served for many years. 

He says that Bishop Lambert will offer holistic leadership that will give the Clergy strides in welfare. 

Rev. Fr. Deusdedit Bukenya, the Vicar General Mbarara Diocese, says Bishop Lambert says that they expect a change in the archdiocese since he is a hardworking, loving and committed to his work.

Gervase Ndyanabo, the head of Laity Mbarara Archdiocese, says as Christians they are grateful to the retiring Archbishop Bakyenga for stirring the Archdiocese and mentoring Bishop Beinomugisha. 

He says that Christians believe in him because he is a good pastor, very spiritual, practical and he understands the Archdiocese very well. 

Alex Ariho Turiho, a Christian in Isngiro, says they have lots of expectations in Bishop Lambert and pray that God guides him to stir the Archdiocese in the right direction. 

The Rt. Rev. Lambert Bainomugisha was born July 12, 1961, at Kashumba, Bukanga, Isingiro in what was at that time the Diocese of Mbarara. 

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Bishop Baimomugisha took care of responsibility in the Diocese of Hoima until a new Bishop was appointed in 2016. 

He later returned to the Archdiocese of Mbarara to continue his duties as Auxiliary Bishop.