Arua leaders raise red flag over bar operators defying restrictions

Arua leaders raise red flag over bar operators defying restrictions
Festus Ayikobua, RDC Arua speaking to press on the defiant night bar operators

Arua, Uganda | URN | Leaders in Arua district and city have raised concern about the acts of defiance by night bar operators who continue to flout COVID-19 guidelines.

The concern comes after two people were killed in a spate of two days, while one is still being nursed at Arua hospital in Oluko sub county. Currently, several nightclubs continue to operate in the greater Arua in disregard to COVID-19 guidelines.

According to Festus Ayikobua, the RDC Arua, security personnel will carry out impromptu operations and impound all bar equipment of those defying the directive. He says the district has continued to register more crimes like theft of animals, house break-ins and sexual offences.

Statistics from the health department Arua indicate that the district has registered new 50 cases of COVID-19 since May 3, 2021 some of which are re-infections and are still under management at the isolation centre in Arua hospital.

According to Paul Drileba, the Acting District Health Officer, the operation of nightclubs continues to offer rich avenues for the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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Hudson Ocheng, the Police Spokesperson for West Nile says plans are underway to crack down on night disco operators who continue to violate the ban. He also asked members of the public to report criminal activities in their area.

Some sources intimated to this publication that some of the bar operators bribe security personnel that carry out night patrols especially in the outskirts of Arua city.