10,000 taxis cleared to operate in Kampala

Kampala Old Taxi Park
Kampala Old Taxi Park

Kampala, Uganda | URN | More than 10,000 taxis have been cleared to operate in greater Kampala Metropolitan Area.

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has registered and issued route numbers to 13,301 taxis but 10,501 taxis so far have route charts and are allowed on the road. This means that there is a gap of at least 2,800 taxis offering transport services.

Last month, KCCA started registering taxis in Kampala following a cabinet directive to build an updated database of all passenger service vehicles. Currently, the government estimates the number of taxis to be 400,000, 15,000 of which are in the Kampala Metropolitan Area.

The taxis would register with KCCA and get route numbers that they would later present to the Ministry of Works to secure route charts before they get to the road.

The chart specifies the name of the taxi owner, car registration number, terminal or park of origin, route number and details of the route up to the final exit from the city.

Registration of taxis is part of an effort by the government to streamline the transport industry in Kampala. The government wants through registration to ensure that all vehicles on the roads have all the requirements per the existing laws and regulations and those drivers have valid driving permits.

According to the Ministry of Works, all Public Service Vehicles (PSV) must be subjected to inspection although taxis have until 31st December to have their vehicles inspected to determine if they are fit to be on the road. After 31st December 2020, the government will issue permanent route charts and ensure all vehicles are inspected before getting back to the road.

During registration, applicants are asked to provide a photocopy of the taxi logbook or transfer agreement, provide a valid driving permit of the taxi drivers and a photocopy of a national ID.

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Ministry of Works will also use the database of registered drivers to form an umbrella body of taxi operators. Currently, there are several associations entangled in fights.

KCCA also plans to use the database to reintroduce a taxi fee that stood at 100,000 shillings until 2010 when it was suspended by the President following numerous complainants from operators who reported high multiple charges by the government.

The registration closed on Thursday 18th, June 2020 at Kitante Primary School and Old Kampala Secondary School but continues at KCCA headquarters.