KCCA issues plan, conditions for registration of taxis in Kampala

Kampala Old Taxi Park
Kampala Old Taxi Park

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has issued its plan to start registration of taxis in Kampala. On Thursday 28th, KCCA issued guidelines to taxis and boda boda operators ahead of the reopening of Public Transport next week on June 4th.

Among the guidelines was the requirement for taxi owners to register their vehicles and secure route numbers and colours for them. Each vehicle would later get a temporary route chart from the Ministry of Works and Transport that would last until end of year 2020.

However, on Saturday 30th, when taxi operators visited City Hall to start the process as instructed, they were turned away by officials who said they were crowding the place and were asked to leave pending further communication.

Now according to a statement issued today by KCCA, after the authority had a meeting with police and the leadership of the taxi industry, they agreed on a number of measures to ensure a smooth registration process of Passenger Service Vehicles- PSV and issuance of Route Numbers ahead of the reopening.

They agreed that registration of PSVs and Drivers continue at Kitante Primary and Old Kampala SS Grounds starting 8am ending at 5pm. The process that started yesterday according to the schedule will continue for two weeks up to June 12th, 2020.

Registration shall be based on Parks where drivers operate and applicants shall maintain their most recent route of operation.

The process manned primarily by KCCA shall have two members from the Stage leadership and a member from the Taxi Associations at the registration points. KCCA will establish a Complaint’s Desk at the two registration points.

According to KCCA, requirements for registration include a copy of the motor vehicle logbook, a copy of owner’s National Identification Card, Driver’s Driving Permit and driver’s National ID.

A Public Transport Joint Management Committee will be formed to guide on all operations of Public Transport in the City.

“There will be joint sensitization of the Public on the public transport reforms. City PSV Taxis still stuck upcountry will be allowed to return starting June 4th, June 2020 so that drivers can obtain the Temporary Routes” read the statement in parts.

As public transport resumes operations, Public Transport Vehicles (PSV), passengers, stages and parks shall be required to respect Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures that include use of masks and washing hands. The vehicles shall also carry only half the capacity they are licenced to carry for instance taxis will carry seven out of 14 passengers.

KCCA says all vehicles shall be required to have fulfilled conditions of being on the road such as having 3rd party insurance and driving permit for the driver.

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Buses will register with Ministry of Works and shall be required to go for compulsory inspection at SGS before resuming duty. Taxis shall have a grace period untill December 31st, 2020 to go for inspection.

For Boda Bodas, these will continue carrying luggage and no passengers as KCCA finalizes the extent of a boda boda freezone and the gazetting of boda boda stages in the City.

The authority says future Boda boda operations will also be subjected to Standard Operating Procedures.