Moi University’s new dress code bans crocs, miniskirts and crop tops

Moi University's new dress code bans crocs, miniskirts and crop tops

Uasin Gishu, Kenya | By Michael Wandati | Moi University recently implemented a stringent dress code, generating controversy on social media. The new guidelines explicitly forbid items such as micro miniskirts, skin-tight trousers, ripped jeans, cropped tops, low-cut attire, micro shorts, transparent dresses, and clothing revealing bra straps.

Additional restrictions cover garments with inappropriate writing, sagging trousers, and revealing chest fashion.

The regulations extend to banning flip flops, crocs and all types of plastic shoes on the university premises.

A memo from the Dean of Students at Moi University emphasized the serious repercussions for students who fail to comply with these dress code rules.

The university is committed to imposing disciplinary measures on individuals who do not adhere to the newly established dress code.

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The decision to introduce these regulations stems from a rising concern about instances of indecent dressing, predominantly among female students.

While the university administration argues that enforcing these measures will enhance a more respectable academic environment, some students express opposition, asserting their right to dress freely.

Students who defy the dress code not only risk disciplinary consequences but also may be denied services within the university premises.